Off-Duty Social Work Favorites

Written by Sabrina Figueroa, MSW 2022 Student and Social Work Department Graduate Assistant
Photography by Yosef Chaim Kalinko
December 9, 2022

Snow globe photoAs a graduate student you are often expected to take in an abundance of different media in relation to social work. Much of this content informs our conversations in class, however, a large majority of it is strictly educational ted talks or videos tailored to class topics. Although I enjoy the content in class, it's nice to find other media sources that discuss social work topics from a different perspective. So, I thought I'd compile a list of my recent favorite TV shows, podcasts, music, and Instagram pages. My hope is that these media sources create dialogue around social work topics in a different way and give a broader perspective around mental health in general. Ideally, my social work favorites will allow you to choose media that you find compelling outside of graduate school requirements.   

Since winter break is right around the corner there's nothing but time for you to get into a new show or start a podcast that piques your interest! As a fellow graduate student, I am hopeful for some much needed off-duty social work time to unwind and these media sources provide a chance to do just that.  

TV Shows  

  • The Patient (Hulu Series) 

The Patient, features Steve Carell as Alan Strauss, a psychotherapist who recently lost his wife. Alan Strauss finds himself held prisoner by his patient who happens to be a serial killer with an unusual request to curb his homicidal urges. This show looks at the therapeutic process and the complexities of dealing with a patient with disturbing impulses and severe mental health concerns. 

  • Stutz (Netflix Documentary)

Jonah Hill's powerful documentary “Stutz” is a personal project about his long-time therapist’s life. It's deeply personal in that Hill is sharing his therapist, Phil Stutz, with us, and the tools that Stutz has created and imparted within his visual model of therapy.  


  • On Purpose with Jay Shetty (Apple Podcast & Spotify) 

Jay Shetty is an author, former Hindu monk and life coach. Shetty is also the host for the podcast "On Purpose" where he unpacks fascinating conversations with insightful people from all over the world. His guests have included renowned psychiatrist, attorneys, doctors, celebrities etc. New episodes Mondays and Fridays. 

  • Intersectionality Matters with Kimberlé Crenshaw (Apple Podcast & Spotify)  

Lawyer, civil rights advocate, and leading scholar of critical race theory Kimberlé Crenshaw brings her expertise and insight to “Intersectionality Matters”. This podcast explores a range of topics through the lens of intersectionality and provides profound insight from world-class artists, activists, and scholars. 

Music Favorites 

This is a list of my favorite feel-good songs to help me get out of my head and unwind... 

  • "Island In The Sun" by Weezer  
  • "Freaking Out the Neighborhood" by Mac DeMarco 
  • "Funny Thing" by Thundercat 
  • "Get Down" by Still Woozy 
  • "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat
  • "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers 

Instagram pages  

  • @socialworkhumor

This humor-based page is filled with memes and quotes related to the struggles of social work. It provides a great reminder that humor is often part of our work too and it's okay to laugh throughout the process.  

  • @melanatedsocialwork

This social work page provides resources, affirmations, therapy techniques and self-care tips. This page also provides a community for fellow social workers around the world to connect on various topics.