Advanced Standing Student Spotlight

Written by Chelsie Chavira
Photography by Yosef Kalinko
March 31, 2023

March Blog 2023Hello, I am Chelsie Chavira, an Advanced Standing MSW student here at Seattle University. It has been a persistent grind and a journey of self-discovery for me so far. The first summer quarter for just the Advanced Standing MSW students was the most eye-opening and life changing experience I have had in my educational career thus far. I was pushed to question and reflect my own beliefs; however, it has shaped my role as a future clinician.

The Advanced Standing route is the reason why I felt getting my MSW was attainable. I came into this program right after receiving my BSW. The most challenging part of the program has been managing school, practicum and work, all while trying to find time for self-care. We often talk about self-care, particularly in this field because of how mentally challenging it is. I was challenged in many ways throughout this program to make time for self-care, the burn out has been real. The most rewarding part of being in the Advanced Standing MSW track are the relationships I have built with the other Advanced Standing students. As a smaller advance standing cohort of five people we really got to know each other. It has also been rewarding learning a lot of things I had not learned while getting my BSW like diagnosing, interventions with families and case consultations.

If there was any advice I could offer to incoming Advanced Standing students it would be to be gentle with yourself and manage your time wisely! This program is rigorous especially in the summer sessions and if you are working throughout the program. Be gentle with yourself because as hard as this program can be, taking care of your wellbeing is also important. Learning how to manage your time well will help reduce the stress of assignments, deadlines and a busy schedule.   

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