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Human Rights Campaign Declares State of Emergency for LGBTQ+ Americans

June 28, 2023

Human RIghts Campaign logo, blue background with yellow equality symbol.

The Human Rights Campaign issued a first-ever emergency declaration after 75+ anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been signed into law this year in the United States. The Human Rights Campaign is the nation's largest LGBTQ+ civil rights organization and issued a report on June 6th, 2023 detailing the anti-LGBTQ+ bills that have been signed into law this year. Along with an emergency declaration, the Human Rights Campaign also released a national warning and a downloadable guidebook for LGBTQ+ Americans. The guidebook covers policy across U.S. states affecting LGBTQ+ Americans and tips on navigating healthcare, finding work, finding community, filing Civil Rights complaints, and more. 

Read the full press release from the Human Rights Campaign here