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Interested in Hosting a Social Work Student?

Seattle University's Social Work Department is always seeking out new connections in the community. Our practicum sites and instructors are an integral part of our students' learning experience. If you are interested in becoming a Practicum Instructor, please fill out and submit both the Practicum Instructor Application and the Practicum Agency Profile.

Practicum Instructor Application

Practicum Instructor Application Form

The Social Work Field Program is pleased you are interested in being a Practicum Instructor for our social justice focused social work students, both BSW and MSW. The Practicum Instructor is considered a mentor as well as an educator for students as they apply their generalist and clinical specialization classroom knowledge with work with clients in a community-based agency. It is mandatory that the Practicum Instructor spend a minimum of 1-hour weekly in supervision with student interns. BSW and Generalist MSW students’ learning experiences should provide the student with client contact hours working with individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations. Students should also have opportunities to practice with diverse populations. A qualifying Practicum Instructor must possess a MSW degree from a CSWE-accredited social work program and have worked for 2 years in social work: post-degree attainment.  A BSW student can be supervised by a Practicum Instructor with a BSW degree and be 2 years post degree.

Practicum Agency Profile Form

Practicum Agency Profile Form

Please Note: This Practicum Agency Profile form is the primary source of information utilized by students when they are looking for placement preferences. This form will be copied and placed in Field Education Practicum Site resource binders and on the web based data field program:  Tevera Software. The clearer your description of the actual role and learning activities the student will be able to be engaged in, the better the student can assess the potential “fit”. 

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