MFA23 Summary Project Presentations

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On Saturday, June 10, 2023, the MFA Class of 2023 will offer Summary Project Presentations in person on campus or virtually over Zoom. Through applied research methods, each Summary Project was a culmination of a student's inquiry into an arts field of practice. Projects serve as a representation of students' pursuit of arts leadership through an intersectional lens towards equity, empathy, and value.

2023 Summary Project Presentation Program

8:50 am - Welcome

Dismantling Barriers to Arts Access

9:00 am - Freya Helton || How Much Does a Grant Cost? Understanding Applicant Perspectives on the Arts Grant Application Process

9:25 am - Scott Devenny || The Age Gap - A Dilemma of Post-Pandemic Support in American Theatre

9:50 am - Betsy Heimburger || Everyone is White at the Ballet (Almost): Dismantling Racism in the Art Form

Exploring the Virtual World

10:25 am - Shemya Dang || Vtubers: Exploring Opportunities for EDI in the Online Space

10:50 am - Marvin Henderson || Unveiling the Virtual Stage  

Gender Equity & Access in the Arts

11:25 am - Alysha Westlake || Gender Equity Now! Women in the Arts Advancing Change

11:40 am - Xinyu (Asa) Jia || Female Artists Need More Recognition

12:15 pm - Kimani Iba || Phoenix Murmurations: Gender & Sexuality Equity in Opera

12:35pm - Lunch Break

Fostering Creative Community Through Art Spaces

1:35 pm - Eloise Wukmir || Fragmented Individuality to Collective Unity: Case Studies in Community-Based Dance Style Development

2:00 pm - Samy Hamiche || Transforming Cities through Creative Placemaking: Building Resilient and Inclusive Art Communities in Seattle

Education and the Arts

2:35 pm - Taeheon Lee || What is the Educational Benefit of Repatriating Stolen Artifacts in Countries That Were Formerly Colonized or Invaded

3:00 pm - Rebecca Haynes || Fueling the Stories of a Generation: Digital Storytelling in Youth Arts Curricula

Developing Leaders Through Artistic Practice

3:35pm - Mick Holsbeke || Clown Leadership: How Can the Art of Clown Enhance Leadership Development in North America?

4:00pm - Audrey Herold || The Forlornness Project: How personal mission, vision & values influence the art we create

4:30 pm - Closing

4:30 - 6:00 pm - Hedreen Gallery Walk-Thru and Closing Reception