MFA22 Summary Project Presentations

MFA Summary Project Presentations, June 11, 2022

On Saturday, June 11, 2022 the MFA Class of 2022 will offer Summary Project Presentations in person on campus or virtually over Zoom. Through applied research methods, each Summary Project was a culmination of a student's inquiry into an arts field of practice. Projects serve as a representation of students' pursuit of arts leadership through an intersectional lens towards equity, empathy, and value. Download a copy of the full program, presentation descriptions, and presenter bios.

2022 Summary Project Presentation Program

8:50 am - Welcome

Doing it Differently: Projects engaging what has been to innovate what could be

9:00 am - Samantha Anderson // Pulling the Invisible Strings: How a Cross-Sector Analysis of Arts and Human Services Organizations can Reveal Mutual Benefit for Progress Toward Equity in the Nonprofit Ecosystem

9:30 am - Hahn (Hang) Chen // Commercializing Traditional Chinese Folk Art - Exploring the Commercial Opportunities of Traditional Folk Art Combined with Modern Pop Culture

10:00 am - Maddy Berkman // From Salvator Mundi to NFTs: Using Art History to Define and Contextualize NFTs and Explore How They Affect Utility, Community, and Equity Within Fine Art Valuation and the Contemporary Art Market

10:30 am - Kati Simek // Punk Rock Ethics in Social Justice Spaces (and one org's quest for a plan)

11:00 am - Break

Being in the Work: Projects seeking individual response to collective change

11:10 am - Austin Sargent // Next Gen Arts Leadership: Defining Arts Leadership Learning Through the Exploration and Embodiment of Artistic, Educational, and Liberatory Processes

11:40 am - Xiaoxuan (Pam) Zeng // Visual representation of Non-binary Early Childhood Leadership Development: Psami's Universe

12:10 pm - Alexandra Mielcarek // "Let's Meet": A Gathering Tool for Feeding Conversation

12:40 pm - Lunch

Changing the Frame: Projects breaking through the structure

1:30 pm - Stefanie Fatooh // Mapping Seattle's Cultural Assets: Using Data from the Arts Ecosystem Research Project to Inform Future Arts Leaders

2:00 pm - Jackson Cooper // Bright Lights, Bold Futures: Embodied Practices of Accountability in Commitments to Equity and Antiracism in Performing Arts Organizations

2:30 pm - Carol Roscoe // Anti-Racist Repertoires of Practice in the Theater: How Culture-makers are Remaking Theater Culture

3:00 pm - Trés McMichael // Down In My Soul: An Inviation Towards Joy Centered Social Impact Strategies in the Arts

3:30 pm - Break

Curating with Purpose: Projects organizing aesthetics as acts of resistance

3:40 pm - Adetola Abatan // Memory and the Archive: The Role of Personal and Communal Narratives in Reframing Museum Collections and Practices

4:10 pm - Arielle Simmons // Curating Embodiement: The Impact of Art on Gender Identity

4:30 pm - Closing

4:30 - 5:00 pm - Hedreen Gallery Walk-Thru // Embodiement: Gender in the Expanse