Summary Project

Soohye Jang (MFA '17) begins her Summary Project Presentation by showing all the volunteer badges she collected while conducting research for her paper.

During their final quarter of the program, students integrate their practicum and academic experiences from the two years of the MFA program into one comprehensive capstone project. This Summary Project permits students to explore a topic of their interest in depth, and requires the use of academic research, as well as their experience in the field, to investigate a cultural sector issue or policy, or an arts management problems. The focus is on applied research: the contribution of knowledge and solutions to the challenges of the sector.

The 6-credit Summary Project experience includes 3 practicum credits and a 3-credit Summary Project class. The full quarter is devoted to the development of the student's selected project, with the guidance of faculty, synthesizing academic research with the arts leadership they practiced in Seattle's arts organizations.

Students present their Summary Project at the end of the quarter to their peers, faculty, alumni, and invited family and friends.

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