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College of Arts and Sciences
Master Of Fine Arts In Arts Leadership


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Thom Mayes (MFA ’10)

Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Sinfonietta

“I believe the MFA program perfectly prepared me to step into an executive role of an arts organization. The perspective offered by faculty and visiting arts leaders was invaluable, and the coursework provided a strong base of knowledge about best practices and emerging issues in the field. I would recommend the program to anyone seeking to deepen their network and further their career in nonprofit arts administration.”
Northwest Sinfonietta | LinkedIn

Anne Shukla (MFA ’10)

Associate Consultant, MEMconsultants

“I would not have my current job if I had not participated in the MFA program! I started working with MEMconsultants for my first practicum project and have been there ever since. The MFA program provides a comprehensive overview of all of the topics needed to be an arts leader, while the practicum offers the opportunity for real world experience. I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking to work with arts organizations in a leadership role.”
MEMconsultants | LinkedIn

Amanda Carrubba (MFA ’11)

Finance & Operations Director, Seattle Arts & Lectures

“The MFA in Arts Leadership program has been critical in advancing my leadership at Seattle Arts & Lectures (SAL). I started as SAL’s Box Office Manager, progressed through a series of other titles, and—aided by the knowledge, experience, and degree I earned through the MFA program—I have recently been promoted to Finance & Operations Director. The MFA program helped me solidify my career goals and obtain an important credential to help realize them. The program was an invaluable investment in my career, and the connections and friends I made will continue to be a support network for years to come. I would highly recommend the program to anyone interested in pursuing a career supporting the arts!”
Seattle Arts & Lectures | LinkedIn

Roxy Hornbeck (MFA ’11)

co-founder & Managing Director of quiet, English/Art/Humanities Instructor

Matt Hornbeck (MFA ’11)

co-founder & Executive Director of quiet, Sociology/Global Studies Instructor

“SU's MFA program in Arts Leadership created a strong foundation for both of us to launch our organization called quiet, an arts community that produces art for social change. Intentional classes, relevant practicums, and applicable projects - all of these parts of the program contributed to an education that not only talked about how to lead in the arts, but has proven to provide strong opportunities and connections to actually be a leader in the arts. For our final project, we wrote our 3-year strategic plan for quiet. After graduation, we put that plan into action - for real. Now, we are in the process of writing our next strategic plan and we have all the tools to do it well. We simply would not be where we are today without this degree.”
quiet | Roxy's LinkedIn | Matt's LinkedIn

Line Sandsmark (MFA '12)

Executive Director, Shunpike

“In addition to a strong curriculum and access to experts in the regional arts community, the MFA in Arts Leadership at Seattle University offers students the unique opportunity to establish a strong professional network, quickly. When I returned to Seattle after having lived and worked abroad for almost two decades, the cohort model and practicums helped me hit the ground running, and pick up where I left off – career-wise – even before graduation. The program helped me ‘translate’ my European experience to an American setting, which was extremely helpful in my work first as Development Director, and then Managing Director at Northwest Film Forum. Most importantly, the program has given me a supportive network, and an academic anchor, which will help me immeasurably in my role as Executive Director of Shunpike.”
Shunpike | LinkedIn

Laura Hammarlund (MFA ’12)

Development Director, Pratt Fine Arts Center

“Seattle U's MFA in Arts Leadership program sets a path for success because the classes are taught by top notch instructors coupled with hands on practicum experience. After graduation, I felt confident and prepared to launch a career in arts administration and I continue to feel supported by the camaraderie of my fellow alums.”
Pratt Fine Arts Center

Samantha DeLuna (MFA '13)

Donor Relations Manager, MoPOP

“The classroom learning was certainly beneficial, and I had many opportunities to put our lessons into practice. However, what stands out to me the most about this program is the comradery of the cohort model. We share experiences, best practices, and connections that you simply can’t get in a classroom alone. In my few years as a Seattle resident, I already feel deeply connected to the arts and cultural community largely because of my cohort network.”
MoPOP | LinkedIn

April Heding (MFA ’14)

Education Programs Coordinator, Milwaukee Film

“The Arts Leadership program at Seattle University not only gave me the knowledge and tools to advance my career in the field of nonprofit arts administration, but also a network of lifelong colleagues (and friends) that I can lean on when I have questions or the need to strategize. Similarly, I've lost count of how many times I've said that the Arts Leadership program at Seattle University put me years ahead of my non-Arts Leadership peers in terms of knowledge of best practices and the unique challenges nonprofit arts and cultural organizations face. This is particularly useful for me in my new position as the supervisor of a program that funds community arts programs.”
Milwaukee Film | LinkedIn

Merrill Matheson (MFA ’14)

“Seattle University's MFA in Arts Leadership program is one of the only MFA programs that covers both the visual and performing arts. The Seattle area has the fourth highest number of arts organizations of any metropolitan area in the United States, and the highest number per capita. I transferred to SU's MFA program because of the huge strides this program takes to tap into this large network of arts organizations, and the program does this through the practicums, faculty, and growing alumni network. In fact, the program couldn't be structured the way it is in most other cities. I knew that my chances of job placement and professional networking would increase by coming here, and they have. In short, this program enables its students, and I'm proud to call myself an alum of this program.”


Alumni @ Work

Nina Yarbrough (MFA ’16)
Capital Campaign Associate, Seattle Opera

Ben McCarthy (MFA ‘14)
Director of Individual Giving, Seattle International Film Festival

Meini Li (MFA ‘14)
Advancement Manager, Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra

Faculty @ Work

Jessica Howard
Director of Sales, ACT Theatre

Joe McIalwain
Executive Director, Edmonds Center for the Arts

Roxanne Hornbeck
Co-Founder & Managing Director, quiet