Giving Voice to Experience

13th Annual Giving Voice to Experience Conference

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 June 25, 2022, 8:30 am - 5:30pm, Seattle University 

Oberto Commons - Sinegal 200


Theme : Maintaining a Soulful Approach to Psychological Research and Practice: Swimming Upstream in a Technological Society

Sponsored by the SU Graduate Psychology Program and the Psychotherapy Cooperative

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For more than a decade, this one-day conference has focused on how qualitative research gives voice to experience and thereby informs the practice of psychotherapy and provides us with a deeper understanding of our shared human existence. Over the years we have had presentations on many different topics such as critical moments in psychotherapy, therapists’ experience of wonder, the experience of being an Afghan immigrant to the United States, and our relationship to money in everyday life. We have also featured presentations on how to carry out qualitative and phenomenological research. The relative small size of the conference—around 30 attendees--has been conducive to sustained and meaningful discussions. This year we are delighted to have Dr. David Kopacz as our keynote presenter, addressing the topic of burnout.

We invite you to attend this conference and also to consider submitting an abstract for a presentation on qualitative research. The directions are given at the bottom of this page.

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Keynote Information 

"Burnout: Soul Loss & Soul Recovery in Mental Health Care", presented by David R. Kopacz, MD

Burnout and compassion fatigue are becoming the norm in healthcare after two years of a pandemic. The World Health Organization recognizes burnout as an “occupational phenomenon,” with feelings of energy depletion; increased mental distance from one’s job, negativism, and cynicism; and reduced professional efficacy. While many perspectives on burnout focus on prevention through stress management techniques, we can look at burnout as “soul loss” which can then become the beginning of a transformational healer’s journey. A transformational perspective shifts our focus to the care of the soul and on how to recover soul once it is lost – this is a valuable skill for us as healers to use in our own lives as well as in our therapeutic work with clients.

David Kopacz is a psychiatrist in Primary Care Mental Health at Seattle VA and a National Education Champion with the VA Office of Patient Centered Care & Cultural Transformation. He is an Assistant Professor at University of Washington and is certified through the American Boards of: Psychiatry & Neurology; Integrative & Holistic Medicine; and Integrative Medicine. David is a graduate of University of Illinois, undergraduate in Urbana-Champaign and medical school and psychiatric residency in Chicago. He has practiced in the US and New Zealand. His publications include: Re-humanizing Medicine: A Holistic Framework for Transforming Your Self, Your Practice, and the Culture of Medicine; Caring for Self & Others: Transforming Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, and Soul Loss; and with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) Walking the Medicine Wheel: Healing Trauma & PTSD; Becoming Medicine: Pathways of Initiation into a Living Spirituality; Becoming Who You Are: Beautiful Painted Arrow’s Life & Lessons for Children Ages 10-100.

Dr. Kopacz will be available to sign his books after his talk.  You can bring your copies, purchase prior to the day and/or some copies are going to be available in the bookstore and there will be a lunch break when you can purchase.

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Presentation Abstracts, 13th Annual Giving Voice to Experience Conference, June 25, 2022


Anomalies in Self-Awareness and Lived-World in Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders: Theory, Current Evidence, and Future Directions - Pavon S. Brar, MA. Brar received his MA from Seattle University. He is a doctoral student at Duquesne University, and editor-in-chief of the journal Middle Voices.

Distressed Personal Time in Impoverished Urban Settings -  Ed Durgan, PhD Ed. Durgan is the Academic Director at Clemente Veterans Initiative, Antioch University Seattle. He received his MA from Seattle University and his PhD from the University of British Columbia.

Possibilities of Poiesis in Research and Practice - Jaime Dawson, MA.  Dawson is currently an expressive arts therapist in Renton, Washington and a current doctoral candidate at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Pure O: The Silenced Torment - Kristene Kaim, MA. Kaim is in private practice in Seattle.  She received her MA from Seattle University.

The Dual Nature of Visitation Dreams and Their Implications for Working with the Bereaved - Jeanne Van Bronkhorst, MA, MSW. Bronkhorst is a non-fiction author and trains hospice volunteers on bereavement issues in Toronto, Ontario.  She received her MA from Seattle University.

Primal Panic in Collaborative Divorce - Dominique Walmsley, PhD.  Walmsley received her MA in Psychology at Seattle University in 2006 and a doctorate in Psychology at Saybrook University in 2019. She is in private practice in Seattle and works with couples in marriage, divorce, and sexuality.

Children, Parenting, and the Screen:  A look at the relationship between parent, child, and the understood self as affected by screens - Andrew Edmunds, MA LPC and Taylor McCarrey, MA LMHC LPC - McCarrey and Edmunds worked together at the Settlement Home in Austin TX, where McCarrey also has a private practice.  Edmunds is the Group Home Director for the Settlement Home.

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