Gain hands-on experience through immersive research

We develop well-educated, self-directed, and conscientious professionals in fields of movement science

Through collaborations that set our program apart, you can work one-on-one with faculty on projects in and outside of the classroom, allowing you to follow your passion wherever it may lead. Among the resources available to you is our Human Performance Lab, with a wide variety of equipment.

Gain hands-on experience through immersive research

Human Performance Lab

At Seattle University's Human Performance Lab, we pride ourselves in the hands-on experience that students gain. While we believe having a solid foundation built upon academic curriculum is important, we also challenge our students to answer their own questions in the laboratory. Every day is a new challenge in the lab and we want to empower our students to pursue their dreams.

Students often ask us: "How can I apply what I learned in the classroom?" Having access to research grade tools as an undergraduate enables them to speak from a greater platform of competence and experience as they are going forth into the world. Better student outcomes arise from this kind of student engagement. Student passions are ignited within the lab and seeing our students grow by exploring their aspirations is what drives us.


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