Psychology Department

Psychology Department


At Seattle University's Psychology Department we strive to engages students in the study of the many aspects of psychological life—individual, physical, interpersonal, ethical, social, and cultural – using reflective and empirical methods.

The faculty brings a broad range of perspectives and practical experience to their teaching. Grounded in the theory and practice of clinical work as well as in quantitative and qualitative research, they bring a range of perspectives to their teaching, including humanistic and phenomenological (systematic study of experienced meaning), depth psychology (interpreting the “hidden” aspects of personal life and their origin in childhood), social (how the world impacts our behavior), cognitive (the study of mental behavior), and biological (how our behavior is affected by our biology). The faculty also draws upon perspectives and material from other disciplines such as literature, philosophy, history, and other social sciences in their teaching.

At Seattle University, the Psychology Department's focus on training students in research methods and forming healthy helping relationships prepared me for work as a VA research assistant and outpatient clinic case manager.

Scott Wanner, '17

Preparation for the Future

The specific and unique role of the Psychology Department is to provide knowledge of psychology as a human science and as a natural science, founded both on solid philosophical reflection and scientific rigor. The curriculum is designed to provide a basic knowledge and understanding of human experience and behavior and the methods psychologists use to gain such knowledge and understanding.  A psychology major is ideal for students who plan a career in any field that deals primarily with people (such as nursing, teaching, social work, guidance, and human resources, to name only a few), or for students who plan to work as professional psychologists and thus need a sound preparation for graduate study.

About the Program

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Seattle University’s Psychology Department gave me the unique opportunity to not only work one-on-one with professors, but also to develop and share my own psychology research at an international conference.

Marisa Swank, '16

Graduate Degree

Graduate Degree

Training in What Matters Most

Respected throughout the Puget Sound region, the MAP program brings together research and reflection from the fields of clinical psychology, philosophy and the humanities. Instruction draws extensively on the study of qualitative research, first person narratives, and phenomenological analysis in seeking to understand the lived experiences of others.

Students learn to work with common clinical diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. More than this, they learn how to be fully present with others through experiences of suffering and distress, how to facilitate a process of meaning-making and healing, and how to work skillfully across social and cultural barriers and differences.

The program’s extensive internship placement prepares students for success as psychotherapists in community settings, private practice, hospitals, and clinics. By drawing upon the insights of a number of disciplines and by laying a solid foundation for a therapeutic practice, the program prepares students to enter the counseling profession whether as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the state of Washington or through pursuing doctoral or other graduate studies.


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Our office is located in the Harding Building,1215 E Columbia St. 



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