Indigenous Peoples Institute


Mission Statement

The Indigenous Peoples Institute (IPI) and its supporters affirm the sovereignty of Native American/Alaskan Native/First Nations/Urban Indian/Indigenous peoples and their communities through programming that amplifies Indigenous voices and concerns. We recognize the vital importance of Indigenous youth and elders in all our endeavors and the significance of creating spaces to celebrate and honor the cultural practices of all Indigenous peoples.

Student Outreach and Support

IPI affirms Native American/Alaskan Native/First Nations youth and students:

  • Quarterly opportunities to interact with Native American/Alaskan Native/First Nations artists, writers, scholars, and elders
  • One-on-one mentorship opportunities with SU alumni, faculty, and staff, as well as community members beyond the campus
  • Relevant and timely programming that addresses strategies for college success

Campus and Community Outreach

IPI collaborates with the Center for Faculty Development to offer workshops for faculty who are interested in enhancing their understanding of Indigenous peoples and in learning more about best practices in working with Native American/Alaskan Native/First Nations students. IPI also collaborates with other members of the SU community to host events that raise awareness about working with or on behalf of Indigenous peoples and communities.

Contact Us



Call 206.296.2235


To designate gifts to IPI, select “Indigenous Peoples Institute” in the pull down menu. To discuss a special IPI intention or gift question, please contact Katie Chapman, Director of Development, 206.398.4401. Thank you.

Indigenous Peoples Institute