Indigenous Peoples Institute

Mission Statement

Indigenous Peoples Institute (IPI) supports Native American1 student success at Seattle University and raises awareness about issues of critical importance to local and global Indigenous peoples.


Indigenous Peoples Institute (IPI) will work to ensure that all Native American students have a home-away-from-home experience at Seattle U as they work toward their degrees. At the same time, IPI and its supporters will actively collaborate to raise awareness about tribal sovereignty and Indigenous self-determination, while also focusing on environmental justice and taking informed action that centers Indigenous peoples.


1. In our materials, we use Indigenous and Native American somewhat interchangeably. At the same time, we acknowledge that it is important to name and recognize the uniqueness of peoples who identify as Alaska Native, First Nations, California Indian, and other terms that reflect Indigenous self-determination.



Contact Us

Xavier 160
901 12th Avenue 
P.O. Box 222000 
Seattle, WA 98122 

Office Hours 

We currently do not have regular walk in hours, but if you need assistance please contact us through email:

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Indigenous Peoples Institute

 Mirror wall within IPI showing the space in front of the fireplace 

To designate gifts to IPI, select “Indigenous Peoples Institute” in the pull-down menu. To discuss a special IPI intention or gift question, please contact Katie Chapman, Director of Development, 206.398.4401. Thank you.