VIsual Art is transitioning to a new BA starting in Fall 2024:

Art & Visual Culture Studies

Minor in Studio Art


The minor in studio art is designed for non-majors who would like the opportunity to combine creative and artistic practice with other academic pursuits. Students seeking this minor are looking to enhance their programs of study with perceptual, creative problem solving and visual communication skills.
In addition to the required foundation courses of Drawing, Design & Color, and Art History, students work with an art advisor to register for coursework in the aim of gaining a versatile and well-rounded skillset sought by many disciplines, industries and professions.
In order to earn a minor in studio art, students must complete 30 credits in visual art. Students wishing to declare a minor in studio art need to file a Request to Add a Minor form with the Office of the Registrar.

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Director of Arts Programming


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Department Chair

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