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Welcome to the SU Campus Art Walk.

This unique hybrid event invites you to experience some of our most cherished campus spaces in an immersive and contemplative way, through the lens of our wonderful student artists. Each site’s collection has been curated to reflect the spirit and purpose of their surroundings while celebrating the importance and value of a thriving arts community both inside and outside the classroom.

How it Works

The walk will guide you from the Lee Miley Rain Garden on a looped tour through campus via the Quad, Lemieux Library, the Student Center, and ending at the Reflection Pool. At each site, scan the Art Walk QR code with your mobile device to access a selection of works created during COVID19 by students from SU’s Theatre, Music, Film, Visual Art and Creative Writing programs. 

For the best listening experience we encourage you to use your headphones if you have them.


handrawn map of seattle university campus


To Begin your Art Walk Journey

  1. Make your way to site #1 at the Lee Miley Rain Garden located near the 1103 building at the North end of campus (see map above.)
  2. Scan the QR code located on a the A-frame sandwich board. This will open a website that hosts the curated program
  3. Experience as few or as many of the works specifically chosen for this campus site as you like. 
  4. Use the map located on the website to make your way to the next location and scan the next code!

We invite you to stay as long as you like at each site, to do the walk more than once and choose different works- curate your own art walk expierence!

SU Campus Art Walk made possible by: 


Tess Altiveros- Vocal Faculty


Rosi Joshi- Chair of Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Graphic Desiginer:

Marguerite Pilon (BA, Design '21)

Web Content Design:

Em Olson- Arts Operations Manager

Sound Consult:

Dominic CodyKramers- Senior Instructor, Audio Production

Faculty Liasons: 

Francisco Guerrero- Art and Design

Susan Meyers- Creative Writing

John Trafton- Film

Leann Conley-Holcom- Music

Rosa Joshi- Theatre