Jodi O'Brien, PhD

PhD, Sociology

Professor, Sociology
Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs

Phone: 206-296-5384

Building/Room: Admin 132

Jodi O'Brien CV  (PDF)

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Gender

  • Sexuality

  • Religion

  • Social Psychology

  • Social Inequality


Key Publications

  • O'Brien, Jodi. 2022. The Production of Reality: Essays and Readings in Social Interaction, 7th Edition. Sage.
  • O’Brien, Jodi. 2022. Making Sense of Queer Christian Lives.” In Interpreting Religion: Making Sense of Religious Lives, Erin Johnston and Vikash Singh (eds.) Bristol University Press.
  • O’Brien, Jodi. 2020. “Can I Send My Therapy Bill to the University.” Pp. 94-105 in Presumed Incompetent: Race, Class, Power and Resistance of Women in Academia, Yolanda Flores Niemann, Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs, and Carmen G. Gonzalez (eds). Utah State University
  • O’Brien, Jodi. 2018. “LGBTQ Mental Health.” Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education, 54:37-39.
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  • O’Brien, Jodi. 2008. “Complicating Homophobia.” Sexualities. Vol.11:496-512.
  • O’Brien, Jodi. 2007. “Queer Tensions: The Cultural Politics of Belonging and Exclusion in Same Gender Marriage Debates.” Pp. 125-149 in Interdisciplinary Readings on Sex and Sexuality. Amsterdam: Rodopi.
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  • Editor: “Sociology ReWired”(with Marcus Hunter). Routledge. 2007-present.