Arts and Sciences faculty appointed Provost Fellows, receive awards, and share scholarship news

Provost Fellows

Thirty-three Seattle University faculty members were selected to serve one-year terms as Provost Fellows, who will represent and embed faculty leadership and scholarly expertise throughout the planning and implementation of . Of those, 22 are members of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Goal 1: Reimagine and Revise our Curriculum

Sustainability and Climate Change

  • John Armstrong, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies
  • Tanya Hayes, PhD, Professor and Director, Institute of Public Service and Program Director, Environmental Studies

Racial Injustice and Widening Economic Inequity

  • Maureen Feit, PhD, Assistant Professor, Nonprofit Leadership, 
  • Hazel Hahn, PhD, Professor, History and affiliated with Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Asian Studies, and Film Studies
  • Alex Johnston, Assistant Professor, Film Production
  • Hye-Kyung Kang, MSW, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair, Social Work and Director, Master of Social Work

Rapid Technological Change and its Societal and Economic Impacts

  • Julie Homchick Crowe, PhD, Assistant Professor, Communication and Media
  • Matthew Rellihan, PhD, Associate Professor, Philosophy
  • Matthew Whitlock, PhD, Associate Professor, Theology and Religious Studies

University Core

  • Hilary Hawley, PhD, Senior Instructor, English and Director, Core Learning and Engagement Programs
  • Kate Koppelman, PhD, Associate Professor and Acting Chair, English, and Associate Appointments in Medieval Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
  • Nova Robinson, PhD, Associate Professor, International Studies and History
  • Eric Severson, PhD, Senior Instructor, Philosophy
  • Donna Teevan, PhD, Associate Professor and Department Chair, Theology and Religious Studies

Community-Engaged Learning

  • Rebecca McNamara, PhD, Lecturer, Matteo Ricci Institute
  • Estella Williamson, DSW, Field Director, Clinical Professor, Social Work

Goal 2: Strengthen Professional Formation for All

Scholarship Mission and Culture

  • Nalini Iyer, PhD, Professor, Department of English

Faculty Performance and Evaluation

  • Amelia Derr, MSW, PhD, Associate Professor, Social Work

Goal 3: Enhancing the Student Experience

  • Patrick Schoettmer, PhD, Instructor, Political Science,
  • Sarah Shultz, PhD, Professor and Chair, Kinesiology

Goal 4: Supporting LIFT SU Initiatives

  • Hidy Basta, PhD, Director, Writing Center
  • Rashmi Chordiya, PhD, Assistant Professor, Institute of Public Service

Faculty Convocation: Provost's Celebration of Faculty Scholarship and Achievements

Many of our colleagues were recognized at the May 19 event.

Granted the honorary rank of Emerita/Emeritus upon their retirement from Seattle University:

  • Daniel Dombrowski, PhD, Professor, Philosophy
  • Ki Gottberg, MFA, Professor, Theatre
  • James Risser, PhD, Professor, Philosophy
  • Marylou Sena, PhD, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Kirsten Moana Thompson, PhD, Professor and Director, Film Studies was one of two recipients of the 2021-2022 Provost’s Award for Excellence in Service for Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty,

Hilary Hawley, PhD, Senior Instructor, English, received the 2021-2022 Provost’s Award for Outstanding Service for Term Faculty.

More Faculty News

Sonia Barrios Tinoco, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair, Modern Languages; Becky McNamara, PhD, Lecturer, Matteo Ricci Institute; and Zachary D. Wood, PhD, Assistant Professor, Institute of Public Service are three of four Seattle University faculty featured in “Community Engaged Teaching and Learning” in the Center for Community Engagement Annual Report.

Caitlin Carlson, PhD, Associate Professor, Communication and Media, is a presenter at "Fighting Hate Speech: Global Perspectives," a virtual event hosted by the United Nations on June 16.

Carlyn E. Ferrari, PhD, Assistant Professor, English, has been named one of 28 Career Enhancement Fellows for the 2022-23 academic year by the Institute for Citizens & Scholars. The Career Enhancement Fellowship, funded by the Mellon Foundation and administered by Citizens & Scholars, seeks to increase the presence of underrepresented junior and other faculty members in the humanities, social sciences, and arts by creating career development opportunities for selected Fellows with promising research projects.

Rebecca Cobb, PhD, LMFT, Assistant Clinical Professor and Clinical Coordinator, Couples and Family Therapy, published “Reimagining the application of systems theory via teletherapy interventions” in Family Therapy Magazine, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Brooke Gialopsos, PhD, Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Forensics, co-authored "Arming teachers seems an easy fix but are the possible costs worth the risks?" for the Columbus Dispatch.

Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, PhD, Professor, Modern Languages and Women Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Has published “¿How Many Indians Can We Be?

Tanya Hayes, PhD, Professor and Director, Institute of Public Service and Program Director, Environmental Studies, and Felipe Murtinho, PhD, Associate Professor and Director, International Studies, and Associate Appointments, Institute of Public Service and Environmental Studies, recently traveled to Costa Rica to visit colleagues working with Environment for Development (EfD) at CATIE (Center for Tropical Research Investigation and Higher Education.) The purpose of the visit was to begin collaboration on future projects on community water management. Learn more here.

Jeannette Rodriguez, PhD, Professor: Theology and Religious Studies and Couple and Family Therapy, and Director, Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture, presented “Cultural Memory, Resistance, and a Return to ‘Original Instruction’” at the Canadian Theological Society, organized by their Dignity, Equity, and Justice Committee.

Mariela López Velarde, Assistant Professor, PhD, Spanish, Modern Languages and Cultures, was an invited speaker at the series of conferences entitled The future of internationalization in Jesuit Universities. It was a forum organized by AUSJAL (Asociación de Universidades confiadas a la Compañía de Jesús de América Latina/ Association of Universities Entrusted to the Society of Jesus in Latin America) dedicated to the discussion and dialogue about the integration of the international dimension of the work done in Jesuit universities around the world.

Written by Karen L. Bystrom

Wednesday, June 15, 2022