Five Arts and Sciences faculty members receive support for their efforts to build on previous scholarly or creative endeavors or to move projects in a new direction

The Summer Faculty Fellowship program, sponsored by the Office of the Provost and Office of Sponsored Projects, provides financial support for tenure-track or tenured faculty and full-time librarians who are involved in an active program of scholarship, including the scholarship of discovery, integration, application, and teaching.  The program’s goal is to support faculty efforts to build on previous scholarly or creative endeavors or to move projects in a new direction.

College of Arts and Sciences faculty selected for this year’s Fellowship program:

  • Sarah Cate, PhD, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Misguided Blame: The Limitations of the School-to-Prison Pipeline Framework 
  • Elizabeth Dale, PhD, Associate Professor, Nonprofit Leadership, Defining social justice philanthropy: How young, wealthy donors give for social change
  • Janet Hayatshahi, MFA  Assistant Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership, Nation of Immigrants
  • Jiangmeng Helen Liu, PhD,Assistant Professor, Communication, A new generation of abortion rights advocates? How social media influencers (SMIs) affect public opinion and motivate civic engagement 
  • Felipe Murtinho, PhD,Associate Professor and Director, International Studies, and Associate Appointments, Institute of Public Service and Environmental Studies Water sustainability in Costa Rica: Governance in the Context of Climate Change

Congratulations to our other faculty colleagues receiving fellowships:

  • PJ Alaimo, PhD (College of Science & Engineering), Structural characterization of important catalysts for pharmaceutical synthesis
  • Jeff Boersema, PhD (College of Science & Engineering), Graph Algebras
  • David Fainstein, PhD, NCSP (College of Education), Connection-Centered Community (Triple C) Tutoring
  • Kristin Hultgren, PhD (College of Science & Engineering), The evolution of color and claw variation in tropical snapping shrimps: habitat, size, and genomics
  • Zhiju Yang, PhD (College of Science & Engineering), Applicable Web Tracking and Advertising Detection using Graph Neural Networks

Written by Karen L. Bystrom

Friday, January 13, 2023