Latin American and Latinx Studies Program

About Our Program

The Latin American and Latinx Program brings together faculty from Environmental Studies, History, International Studies, Modern Languages, Political Science, Sociology, Theology and Religious Studies, and Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies to create a minor that complements a variety of major fields of study.

The increasing integration of the Americas, along with the growing importance of Latin American immigrants and their descendants in the United States, heightens the need for well-informed leaders who have a comprehensive understanding of Latin America and its relationship with the United States and other parts of the world.

Minor, Latin American and Latinx Studies

Explore how our minor can be integrated into your major field of study.

Street in Mexico with colorful kites suspended above
"Los Papalotes en la Calle, Mexico," photo by Cydnee Mari Cook, Imagining the World, 2023

Beyond the Classroom

Many of our students deepen their experience by studying outside of the United States. Explore the many options.