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We are a community of inquirers who reflect on fundamental questions of human existence through engaging with Philosophy’s diverse traditions and major thinkers.

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Philosophy students learn to think critically about the world, to call into question biases and unwarranted assumptions, and to pursue an “examined life.”

Philosophy and the Jesuit Tradition

The Jesuit tradition has long distinguished itself by its commitment to Philosophy  as intrinsic to the conduct of one's life and as integral to higher education.  

BA, Philosophy; Minor; Ethics

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The Study of Philosophy: Information and Resources

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Basic Information on the Study of Philosophy

The American Philosophical Association (APA) is a great way to find more information on Philosophy. It offers a basic description of the field and its areas of study, graduate programs along with descriptions of the uses of skills acquired in the study of philosophy.

The Lemieux Library on campus

Research Resources in Philosophy

A great many Web sites devoted to philosophy now exist. Their quality, however, varies widely. In using Web links, one should exercise great caution in confirming that the source is reputable. Among basic reference works, some online resources are well established or are under development.

Hear from Our Alumni

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Maggie Roberts

"I thought that philosophy would be far too advanced for me, but through the mentorship of multiple faculty members, I found that that is the precise reason one should study philosophy: to grapple with questions that have persisted through time. Philosophy is unique as a discipline because the questions that you consider will apply to all other disciplines that you study."

BA, Philosophy '19

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