Mobile Lab

An innovative solution to invest in our students and community by providing portable technology that can be used for education, research, and community engagement.

Mobile lab with Space Needle in the background

The mobile lab removes boundaries that limit our impact on human function and performance. It is our model for the future of Kinesiology and a way of empowering the next generation to create societal impact through human movement.

We have traveled to Oregon and California where the mobile lab was used to collect data for a master’s thesis project examining athlete mass and vertical component force in Olympic kayakers. The lab has been used to connect with students and researchers at conferences such as AASP PNW, ACSM Northwest as well as universities including San Francisco State University and California State University, East Bay.

We have gone to various sporting events including the Girls on the Run Puget Sound annual 5k and the Seattle Seawolves rugby game where it has been used to engage youth and community members through various tests such as vertical jump height and force production.

Finally, the lab has been used to provide STEM education to a number of high school students in the area. If you’re interested in connecting with us and our mobile lab, please contact us, we’d love to collaborate with you.

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