About this Program

The University College Cork, one of the oldest universities in Ireland, combines early and modern architecture along a riverside setting close to the city center. Courses offered here cover the full range from applied social studies to mathematics, from folklore and ethnology to economics. The university's highly esteemed Irish Studies program attracts scholars from all over the world. USAC students may also enroll in courses in the departments of the Arts, Law, Commerce, Celtic Studies, Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. Cork, the second largest city in Ireland is located on the south coast surrounded by the sea on the south, the mountains and hills to the north, and the lakes of Killarney to the west. You may also participate in any of the more than 100 clubs and societies at the university and join sports teams and exercise clubs at either the indoor or outdoor sports facilities.


  • Housing is not included
    • Apartment

Program Dates

  • Fall Semester: mid-August to late December
  • Spring Semester: mid-January to mid-May

Application Steps

  1. Complete Module I of Global Engagement with Education Abroad Canvas course, including Education Abroad 101 and attending a Planning Meeting with your Education Advisor.
  2. Complete the SU-Sponsored/SU-Exchange Program Application in Module II of the Canvas course by February 1 for selected program.

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The following are scholarships that are associated with this particular program. Scholarship application dates can vary, please check accordingly.


  • Credit Range: 20-30
  • Credit System: UCC Credits
  • Credit Conversion Rate: 5 UCC Credits = 4.5 SU Quarter Credits
  • Quarter Range: 18-27
  • Credit Per Course: 5 or 10
  • Average Courseload: 4-6