Business, French Language & Electives

About this Program

The American Business School Paris (ABSP) allows students the opportunity to prepare for a successful international career in one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world. Providing an innovative approach to business through its commitment to diversity, openness, and respect for what is different, the ABSP prepares students for a wide range of possibilities and professions in the business world. Courses are taught by a team of international professors and lecturers who tailor-make coursework based on their own unique backgrounds and career experiences. Students will learn how to work on a team in multi-cultural settings, gain practice in international case studies, and prepare for a successful international career. This program offers a wide variety of subjects including business, management, economics, marketing and humanities. Courses are taught in English in a classroom comprised of approximately 30% French students and 70% students from 60-80 different countries.


  • Housing is included
    • Apartment
    • Homestay

Program Dates

  • Fall Semester: late August to mid-December
  • Spring Semester: late January to mid-May

Application Steps

  1. Complete Module I of Global Engagement with Education Abroad Canvas course, including Education Abroad 101 and attending a Planning Meeting with your Education Advisor.
  2. Complete the SU-Sponsored/SU-Exchange Program Application in Module II of the Canvas course by February 1 for selected program.

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The following are scholarships that are associated with this particular program. Scholarship application dates can vary, please check accordingly.


  • Credit Range: 12-15
  • Credit System: U.S. Semester Credits
  • Credit Conversion Rate: 1 U.S. Semester Credit = 1.5 SU Quarter Credits
  • Quarter Range: 18-22.5
  • Credit Per Course: 3
  • Average Courseload: 5