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Japanese, Minor

Prepare for opportunities related to Japan. Your studies in the language and culture can open the doors for you to become a global citizen.

About this Program

Prepare for a Career Related to Japanese Culture

The Japanese Program provides students with a foundation to understand the Japanese language, society, and people. It consists of two years of language courses and a one quarter culture program. The program is designed to equip students with the skills necessary to meet the social and global demands of the 21st century.

What You’ll Learn

The Japanese Minor recognizes academic, cultural and practical purposes:

  • You will broaden the scope of your intellectual development by learning to communicate in another language and knowledge of Japanese culture.
  • You will learn about another culture and civilization through the medium of its language. Courses are taught in the vernacular.

Hear From Our Alumni

Teri Rackson

Studying Japanese has changed my life, leading to experiences and adventures I had never dreamed of before. What started out as more of a hobby than anything turned into a growing interest and passion for Japanese language and culture.

Japanese ’20

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