Public Safety is located in the Columbia Building

Public Safety is located in 1313 Columbia Building (CLMB). Community members have 24-hour card swipe access to the main building doors to connect with Public Safety, or call 24-hours a day 206.296.5990The business office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm  

Non-Lift ORCA Program

There have been changes to the Non-Lift ORCA Program starting Summer 2016 regarding the process of obtaining, renewing your Non-Lift ORCA card, and subsidies. Please see below for key changes.

  • Transportation & Parking Services Department sells subsidized ORCA cards in office.
  • ORCA products feature 2.75, 3.25, 4.75, or ferry monthly passes for full months within the duration of the quarter or semester as well as additional E-purse funds.
  • Monthly passes and preloaded E-purse funds are subsidized at a rate of 50%, additional E-purse funds added to the ORCA card will not be subsidized.
  • Prices and ORCA product information are available here.

Pay close attention to the Important Dates column. No products are sold after the listed deadlines.

Please note that Transportation Program Policies are subject to change at any time.


Launched by King County Metro in 2015 and accepted by Sound Transit, the ORCA LIFT card is a reduced fare transit passed for eligible riders. Seattle University supports this program and will subsidize half of the total cost to students who secure a Seattle University-associated ORCA LIFT.

  • King County Metro Transit Monthly passes are $54, bringing the total cost to $162 per quarter -or- $216 per semester.
  • Sound Transit Monthly Passes are $99, bringing the total cost to $297 per quarter -or- $396 per semester.

Students are responsible for paying half the total cost and Seattle University will subsidize the other half. Subsidies will be loaded on to the Orca LIFT card as E-Purse value. It is the student's responsibility to convert E-Purse to monthly pass. Orca limits the maximum E-Purse balance at $300. The University matches qualifying subsidy requests up to $81 per quarter and $108 for the semester. If the University subsidy would cause your E-Purse value to exceed the maximum Orca balance, those additional funds will be forfeited. 

Note: If you live outside of King County, please view here for more pricing information.

Note: This ORCA LIFT card is not associated in any way with Seattle University's former ORCA card program. Please visit the links below for additional information.

Please note that Transportation Program Policies are subject to change at any time. 

Disclaimer: Any subsidized transit product offering is subject to change with fare prices of transit agencies participating in the ORCA program. Current and past product offerings do not represent products that Seattle University will offer in the future.

Any and all projects are subject to the $300 e-purse limit established by ORCA. If Seattle University is unable to load product due to e-purse limitations, the remaining product that would exceed that balance is considered forfeit on the last day of the relevant quarter or semester.

 Obtaining an ORCA LIFT Card

Obtaining a Lift Subsidy

Public Safety & Transportation
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Business Office HOURS

Monday - Friday
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Parking Questions may be answered 24 hours a day by calling the Public Safety Communication Center at 206-296-5990