Aetna Student Health Insurance

Aetna Student Health Insurance plan

Seattle University offers a Student Health Insurance Plan to all international students through . This is a nationwide and international policy which means you will be covered in the Seattle area as well as if you are travelling to other areas in the United States or while you are back home.  The plan is mandatory and all international students required to have health insurance while in the United States will be enrolled by default. There is an option to Opt-out through the waiver process if you have an comparable insurance plan that meets the waiver requirements.

To access 23-24 health plan highlight sheets, go to the Aetna Student Health website. There is a separate website for law students

Aetna Student Health Plan Highlights 23-24

Aetna Student Health Law Plan Highlights 23-24

Student Health Center

Bellarmine Hall #107
1111 E. Columbia St.
Seattle, WA  98122
Fax 206.296.6089


FAQ: Seattle University Student Health Insurance Plan & Waiver

  1. Will I pay the full premium for the student health insurance plan all at once?
    No, the academic year is broken down into three terms: fall, winter, and spring/summer (or two terms for Law students: fall and spring). For each term that you are enrolled, that portion of the premium will be billed to your student account unless you have successfully waived the insurance for the year.

  2. I graduate at the end of fall quarter; will I have the student health insurance through 8/31?
    No, your enrollment continues each term you are registered for classes. If you graduate, take a leave of absence, or withdraw the insurance policy will end with the last term you were enrolled. The only exception is spring/summer, which is a combined term therefore if you graduate at the end of spring term you will have the student health insurance plan through 8/31 (or 7/31 for law students).

    What if I want to pay the full premium for the rest of year all at once?
    Unfortunately, you are only eligible for enrollment when you are registered for classes and billed by term.

  3.  Since I’m enrolled term by term, am I covered over school breaks and between quarters?
    Yes, if you remain continuously enrolled as a full time student fall through spring quarter you will have continuous insurance 9/1 – 8/31.

  4. If I have my own insurance, do I need to submit a waiver every quarter/semester?
    No, waivers only need to be completed once per academic year, which is usually in the fall.
  5. My first term at Seattle University was in the winter or spring quarter and I waived the student health insurance. When will I need to submit my next a waiver?
    Your next waiver will need to be submitted at the beginning of the next academic year, which would be fall quarter or semester 

  6. I forgot about the waiver and didn’t complete it by the deadline, what do I do now?
    You will have the opportunity to submit a waiver next term but will be responsible for the current terms premium.

  7. How do I get my Aetna insurance card?
    Instructions on obtaining Aetna Student Health insurance card

  8. How does the SHC work with insurance?
    The cost for a visit with a Nurse Practitioner in the SHC is a $5 administrative visit fee and insurance is not billed. There are some in clinic tests, procedures, supplies, medications, and vaccines that carry an additional cost that is paid at the time the student is seen in the clinic. The SHC does not bill insurance for these additional costs with the exception of the Aetna Student Health plan when enrolled through Seattle University. For students with insurance other than SHIP, a receipt is available if you would like to submit to your insurance company requesting reimbursement if it is a covered benefit. In general, the time that you would be using your insurance is for services such as lab work, x-rays, prescriptions and providers outside of the SHC. Insurance will also be needed for access to ER, urgent care, hospitalizations and procedures.

  9. What is a deductible and why is it important to know?
    A deductible is a set amount of money you must pay for services before your insurance begins paying claims. For the Seattle University Student Health Plan, that deductible is $100. Many services apply to your deductible, so services like lab work, x-rays, MRIs, ambulance rides, surgeries, and much more all apply to that $100 deductible. For services received at the Seattle University Student Health Center (SHC), the deductible is waived and benefits will be paid at 100% for eligible health services including lab work performed at LabCorp if referred by the SHC. You will only need to pay the $5 administrative fee if seen by a Nurse Practitioner in the SHC.

  10. What is an EOB?
    An EOB is an Explanation of Benefits. These are extremely important to keep track of when you receive lab services or visit a physician off campus because you will be billed according to these EOBs. An EOB will have all of your personal and insurance information at the top, and at the bottom will describe all the services that were billed to the insurance company during your visit. The most important thing to pay attention to on these EOBs is the “Patient Balance" portion. This Patient Balance will clearly explain how much you owe for your visit, lab work, x-ray, etc.