Emergencies & After Hours

Life-Threatening Conditions

Call SU Public Safety for all on campus emergencies 206-296-5911. Off campus call 911.
Examples of life-threatening conditions include difficulty breathing, unconsciousness or unresponsiveness (e.g., drug or alcohol overdose), major injury (e.g., open chest wound with trouble breathing; spinal or neck injury with loss of sensation or motion; obvious fracture, especially with visible bone).

Urgent Conditions

Although the example conditions may not be life threatening, get a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Some examples are significant pain (e.g. in the chest, abdomen, head, neck, or ear, especially with fever), asthma (when not responding to usual medications), urinary infection (especially with fever or back pain), possible fracture or dislocation, any injury with significant pain or swelling, laceration (a cut requiring stitches), or major bee sting reaction (hives or swelling on, for example, your whole arm or leg).


Seattle university has partnered with TimelyCare to offer students 24/7 access to medical and mental healthcare. For more information go to TimelyCare | Wellness and Health Promotion | Seattle University

Student Health Center

Bellarmine Hall #107
1111 E. Columbia St.
Seattle, WA  98122
Fax 206.296.6089