Andrea Verdan, Ph.D.


Associate Teaching Professor

Phone: 206.296.5941

Building/Room: SINE 590-11

Teaching and Research Interests

Andrea instructs primarily in the department’s general chemistry series and the university's natural science UCOR, teaching her course “Potions for Muggles.” She also has a joint appointment as Associate Director for Term Faculty in the Center for Faculty Development. Her scholarly interests include the philosophy of science and understanding professional identity development for those within and on the trajectory of science and engineering careers. 


Andrea M. Verdan is thrilled to be teaching at her alma mater. After receiving her BA in Chemistry and BAH in Humanities from SU, she traveled to Barcelona, Spain and worked as an English language instructor, where she discovered her passion for teaching. Returning stateside to unite her love of teaching and fascination with chemistry, Andrea completed her doctorate at Clemson University, with research focusing in chemistry education. In her free time, she enjoys embroidering, playing the ukulele, and sipping a good cup of tea.

Curriculum Vitae

Verdan CV