As of 2020, 18 CEE design team projects have earned the prestigious NCEES Engineering Education Award, which recognizes engineering programs that encourage collaboration between students and professional engineers. Since the inception of these awards in 2009, CEE has 27% of all NCEES awards. 

Below are student projects from the past two years, including links to video summaries where available. Browse all projects from the department and the College of Science and Engineering in the Project Center.

2019-2020 Senior Projects
2018-2019 Senior Projects
  • CEE 19.1 - Probable Maximum Loss Analysis (CKC)
  • CEE 19.2 - White Center Regional Retention/Detention Facility Retrofit (King County)
  • CEE 19.3 - Ross Powerhouse Seismic Evaluation (Seattle City Light)
  • CEE 19.4 - South Machias Rd./Dubuque Rd. Intersection Improvements (Snohomish County Public Works)
  • CEE 19.5 - Designing Green Infrastructure to Improve Aquatic and Riparian Habitat in the Pacific Northwest (US Forest Service)
  • ENSC 19.1 - Assessment of Recycled Food Fertilizer Amendment for Soil and Plant Health (WISErg Corporation)

Project Day Photos