Ian Suydam, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

Phone: 206.296.4459

Building/Room: BANN 517

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Suydam's teaching interests included Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry and how these topics overlap with the study of biological macromolecules.

Dr. Suydam's research group is focused on the folding, structure and binding energetics of structured RNAs. His group is currently investigating small molecule binding in a class of structured RNAs responsible for genetic regulation in bacteria. Dr. Suydam's students combine the tools of synthetic organic chemistry, biomolecular spectroscopy and electrostatic calculations to elucidate the energetics of these binding events, with the goal of synthesizing tightly binding metabolite analogs.


As an undergraduate at Bard College Dr. Suydam concentrated in Chemistry and received a B.A. degree in 1998. Following a year as an Americorps member he joined the lab of Steven G. Boxer at Stanford University, receiving a Ph.D. in 2005 in Chemistry for his work on the measurement of electric fields in an enzyme active site. He spent the following four years investigating the mechanism of catalytic RNAs as a post-doctoral fellow with Scott A. Strobel in the Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry at Yale University, then joined the faculty at Seattle University in 2010.