How to Apply

Individuals may apply for the major of Diagnostic Ultrasound, Bachelors of Science (BS) degree as an incoming freshmen, SU change of major student (during either their freshman year or fall quarter of their sophomore year), or as junior-level transfer student from other colleges. Individuals who have already earned a bachelor's degree may apply for the Diagnostic Ultrasound Post-Baccalaureate degree or Post-Baccalaureate Certificate.

Your first step:

  • To Apply as an Incoming Freshman, contact SU Freshman Admissions. 
  • To Apply as an SU Freshman or Fall Quarter Sophomore Change of Major Student, email the your Program Director to set up change of major meeting.
  • To Apply as a Transfer Student or Post-Bac Student for the BS degree, Post-Bac degree, or Post-Bac Certificate, contact SU Transfer Admissions or 206-220-8040.

Applicants are encouraged to participate in volunteer or paid health care related activities that promote the development of communication and interpersonal skills and provide an opportunity to evaluate their own suitability to work with patients and the public. All majors are required to meet with program faculty prior to progressing to the third year. 

Applicants for whom English is not a native language are required to provide proof of English proficiency regardless of citizenship status. Applicants must demonstrate English proficiency at non-English Language Culture Bridge program level. More information is available here.

Transfer Prerequisite Coursework

BIOL 2200 Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
BIOL 2210 Anatomy and Physiology II with lab
PHYS 1050 Mechanics (algebra-based) with lab
PHYS 1060 Waves, Sound, Electricity, and Magnetism (algebra-based) with lab
MATH 1021 Pre-calculus Algebra
MATH 1022 Pre-calculus Trigonometry

Cumulative and Prerequisite GPA of 2.5 higher required.

All Math coursework must be completed within 10 years of application and all Science coursework must be completed within 5 years of application.

Application Requirements

  • Seattle University Transfer Application. All supplemental application materials are included in this application. 
  • $60 non-refundable application fee (waiver options available)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
  • If applicable, proof of English Proficiency

The application deadline for Fall quarter admission is February 1

Applications materials must be received by the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Both applications request a list of coursework in progress, selection of Cardiac/Vascular or General/Vascular track, two letters of recommendation, and essays describing your interest in Diagnostic Ultrasound and Seattle University. 

For questions regarding application requirements, contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at or 206-220-8040.