Scholarship Funds

Endowed Scholarship Funds

  • Alice L. Fisher Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • College of Nursing Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Dorothy Walsh Nursing Scholarship
  • Dr. Eileen Ridgway Endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund*
  • The Edward and Benneth Franett Scholarship
  • Elaine C. Smith Endowed Nursing Scholarship*
  • Emily Kulik Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund*
  • Esther Mark Loans Scholarship*
  • Harrison Medical Center/Keith and Kathleen Hallman Endowed Scholarship *
  • Hearst II Graduate Nursing Endowed Scholarship Fund*
  • Jeanne Anne Sherrick Scholarship*
  • Joan Razore Endowed Nursing Scholarship*
  • Joan S. Emerson Long Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Kathleen Kristine “Tot” Corr Endowed Scholarship
  • Kristi Jean DeLaurenti Bridges Endowed Scholarship*
  • Lars Worminghaus Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret Marie Conlin Sullivan Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret M. Sellers Scholarship Fund*
  • Mary Buike Memorial Scholarship
  • Col. Marilyn J. Sylvester, Retired, Endowed Scholarship
  • McLellan Nursing Scholarship
  • Norah Muldoon Ward Scholarship Fund
  • Robert and Jean Reid Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship*
  • Rural Nursing Endowment
  • The Sauvage Nursing Scholarship
  • Sr. Mary Ruth Neihoff Nursing Scholarship
  • Veronica Nooney Bilder Endowed Scholarship Fund*

Annual Scholarship Funds 

  • Bert and Jarene Lundh Jonas Scholars Matching Fund*
  • College of Nursing Annual Scholarship Fund
  • Father J. Gerard Bussy, S.J. and Lowell W. Parker Scholarship
  • Jonas Nurse Leaders Scholars Fund*
  • Kathleen M. "Katie" Doyle Scholarship Fund
  • The Nancy and Lorriane Scholarship in Nursing

* Scholarship funds provide support for students pursuing graduate degrees 


For personal consult or answers to questions about other ways to support the College of Nursing, contact

Peggy O’Boyle Fine, Director of Development 

Current students should contact their program for more information about scholarship availability. 

Graduate Students:   

Undergraduate Students: