Eileen Ridgway Outreach Scholarship

Established in May 1996, the Dr. Eileen Ridgway Endowed Nursing Scholarship aims to kindle and fuel leadership development by encouraging student development in community outreach, service, and civic efforts. Dr. Eileen Ridgway served as the dean of the Seattle University College of Nursing from 1968-1977.

2018 Recipients

Bridgett Chandler

 2018 Ridgway Scholar, DNP student

Bridgett is a 1st year Doctor of Nursing Practice program student in the family nurse practitioner track at Seattle University.

Project: Pet Care Planning for Vulnerable Population using Data Capture and Sharing

This project was designed to benefit residents of Seattle Housing Association (SHA) who are low-income, single residents nearing end of life.

Project Overview:

  1. Hold meetings with both residents and public health nurses serving residents to discuss proposal and initiate planning.
  2. Exploration with key partners in SHA regarding parameters and process of accessing resident's unit to care for pet(s).
  3. Outreach to animal care experts to review/revise pet care planning.
  4. Perform needs based assessment of SHA residents nearing end of life who have pets.
  5. Develop action plan with trial project.
  6. Evaluate results, modifications, and means of sustaining project.
  7. Results in communication to residents, SHA staff, community partners and Seattle U College of Nursing.

Sustainability Goal: Database development and sharing within SHA system.

Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Skow, PhD, MSN, RN

Jessica Graves

2018 Ridgway Scholar, BSN student

Jessica is in her junior year of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at Seattle University.

Project: Brochure to Promote Cardiac Health and Self Management for Patients with Limited English Proficiency

This project was designed to aid non-English speaking outpatients who have medically complex cardiac health care needs.

Project Overview:

  1. Consultation with fellow health care providers (physicians, pharmacists, case managers, interpreters) to identify communication barriers to outpatient self-care.
  2. Outpatient needs assessment of non-English speaking individuals.
  3. Development of clinically sound, culturally sensitive cardiac self-care informational brochures.
  4. Brochure and results sharing with SUCON and fellow University of Washington Medical Center (UWMC) care providers.

Sustainability Goal: Continued revision and adaptation of brochures within UWMC system and outpatient cardiac clinics.

Faculty Sponsor: Heather Carballo, MSNEd, RN

For more information
Laurie Ramacci Noegel, Director of Development 
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Dr. Eileen Ridgway Outreach Scholarship