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We invite you to join us in an exciting and important endeavor. Educating the next generation of nursing leaders who will have positive impact and help change the lives of the vulnerable.

At the College of Nursing, our priority is to develop nurses and prepare them for the future of health care. This requires ingenuity, flexibility, foresight, and a process of constant change in what we teach and how we teach.

Nurses being educated today will face challenges in the future, including multiple new technologies, increased deployment of interdisciplinary teams, more surgeries and other procedures done in out-of-hospital settings or with minimal hospitalization, and more patients who are older and have multiple chronic conditions.

At the same time, nurses will work in a far more culturally, socially, and economically diverse environment that demands additional preparation beyond what has traditionally been provided. Our goal is to meet the educational needs of the nurses who will respond to these situations.

The Role of Private Support

Private support enables us to respond to these emerging trends and help meet the educational needs of our students.

Your philanthropic support is an opportunity, not an obligation, to make a difference, and to invest in a social purpose that serves the greater good.

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