College of Nursing Pin

It is a tradition in nursing education for each college to have its own pin. The Seattle University pin is gold with a red border that surrounds the University seal. This seal, like a family crest, is a mark of genuineness.

The seal contains the traditional symbols of the house of Loyola, as well as other symbols which signify the relationship between the University and the Northwest.

  • The American eagle and shield symbolize the relationship of the university to the nation.
  • At the upper left of the shield proper, the two wolves over the pot are traditional symbols of the generosity of the house of Loyola, family of the founder of the Jesuits.
  • The seven diagonal stripes in the lower right are awards for valor made to the family.
  • In the lower left portion of the shield, the evergreen tree represents the State of Washington and is a traditional symbol of knowledge.