Scaring Up Some Good Times

Campus and neighboring community come together for Halloween fun on SU campus.

This Halloween, the Seattle University campus was abuzz with excitement and some ghoulishly good fun. Whether it was the high volume of sugary treats or sightings of dinosaurs, cartoon characters, Ted Lasso and Barbie, the day provided a great opportunity for the campus community and our neighbors to come together and have some fun.

Students from nearby Bailey Gatzert Elementary School, as well as families from Yesler Terrace and the SU community, were invited to trick-or-treat across campus along with participating in some autumn-themed activities including pumpkin decorating, photos and a sampling of seasonal treats.

Halloween story pic 

Halloween at SU pic 2

Different stations were festively decorated with SU staff and faculty dressed up to hand out candy and stickers to visitors. The stations were dotted throughout campus, from the Student Center, Pigott Pavilion and the Library to the Sinegal Center, Garrand, Hunthausen and the Union Green.

The prize for best station was given to the Casey Building, led by Dean David Powers and the College of Arts and Sciences team.

Halloween station pic 4

halloween station with witch

Creative costumes were seen throughout the day, capped with a costume contest for SU students, faculty and staff in the Student Center. Awards for the best costumes and teams went to the following:

Best Solo: Kent Koth (as Ted Lasso, no less!)
Best Duo: Jaylen Leonard and Samuel Mesfin
Best Group: Campus Ministry
Honorable Mention: Career Engagement Office

This was the first year the Seattle University campus has taken on such a comprehensive and community-focused approach to Halloween, with plans to make this an annual tradition.

Ted Lasso Kent Koth costume

Q&A with costume contest winner Mr. Ted Lasso himself (aka Kent Koth):

As part of Seattle University’s Halloween festivities, students, faculty and staff participated in a costume contest and one of the winners was none other than Ted—uh, make that Kent—Koth. Fresh off his victory, Koth, the executive director of the Sundborg Center for Community Engagement (CCE), shared some thoughts on why he dressed as the lead character from the hit series Ted Lasso, what it was like being the unfailingly positive soccer coach for a day and more.

Q: Congratulations on the win. Where does this rank in terms of your all-time greatest accomplishments?
Koth: Oh my, a life highlight for sure! But personally, I thought our campus colleague dressed as a “Chip Monk” (Andrea Fontana) deserved the costume competition victory. Like Ted Lasso, I’m a big believer in humor through creative wordplay. 

Q: What inspired you to dress as Ted?
Koth: Ted and I are kindred spirits. He is originally from Kansas City and I am from Iowa, which is kind of a northern suburb of Kansas City. Ted coached futbol while not knowing much about the game. I coach middle school ultimate, while not knowing much about the game. Ted’s happy dance is the running man—same for me. 

Q: What kinds of responses did you get?
Koth: The best responses were from campus colleagues I’ve known for years who know Ted Lasso but had no idea it was me in costume. For example, I surprised two colleagues by interrupting their meeting to ask, ‘How ya’ll doin?’ At first, they seemed genuinely puzzled until they realized it was me. Then we all started to laugh and cry at the same time. Ted would be so proud!  

Q. Did you find yourself giving little motivational speeches throughout the day?
‘Do you know what the happiest animal on earth is? It’s a goldfish. Do you know why? It only has a 10-second memory. Be a goldfish!’ Ah… what was the question again? 

Q: Never mind. Do you see any parallels between how Ted approaches his job/life and the Center for Community Engagement’s work?
Koth: So many parallels! Ted sees the innate goodness in people and the potential of how groups can work together for positive change. He also does not take himself too seriously. The CCE emanates many of these same characteristics.

Q: Has Coach (Nate) Daligcon asked you to join him on the sidelines as our men’s soccer team—currently ranked #10 in the nation—prepares for the postseason?
Koth: With the stellar season that Coach Nate, The Great, and his crew are having I don’t think they need Ted on the sidelines. But I’d be pleased to lend my fake mustache and A.F.C. Richmond gear for him to wear, if he thought it would help his team.

Q: What about that mustache—any plans to grow a real one after trying it out?
Kent: I stunned my two teenage daughters when I appeared in our living room as Ted. They particularly seemed to appreciate and absolutely hate the mustache. Not sure if it will return but I now know what to do if I want to get strong reactions from others.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?
Koth: Thank you, President Peñalver, and so many others for beginning a terrific new tradition at Seattle University! Our Gatzert Elementary SUYI scholars had a GREAT time on campus and I think many of us did too! We need moments of levity to balance the hard and difficult work we all pursue each and every day. 

Ted Lasso costume

Scenes from the day...

costume contest couple

duo dressed as witches for contest

halloween outside with dino

a hand over a pumpkin

costume contest

Halloween costume contest

cobwebs over the sign

Check out more scenes from Halloween at SU. 

Written by Tara Lee

Wednesday, November 1, 2023