MOSAIC ft staff

At the MOSAIC Center, you’ll find specific programs, services, and resources that support the thriving of students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, undocumented students, first-generation students, veterans and military-connected students, commuter and transfer students, and graduate and adult learners. 


About the MOSAIC Center

Rooted in our Jesuit Catholic values of diversity and justice, The MOSAIC Center plays a critical role in supporting intercultural learning and development of students. We encourage students to increase their awareness of self and others and co-create a more inclusive campus culture by cultivating an environment that promotes curiosity and learning. We are invested in the thriving of students from historically minoritized and underrepresented backgrounds, and we do this by: 

  • Enhancing a sense of belonging & creating opportunities for connection 
  • Providing social justice education & tools for advocacy 
  • Providing mentorship & leadership development 
  • Providing tangible resources & support