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Indigenous Peoples Institute

Welcome to the Indigenous Peoples Institute. Here we honor and celebrate Native American and Indigenous Peoples cultures and communities, offering support on your academic journey.

Creating A Sense of Home, Creating Community

In a sea of different cultures, in a place far from home, students can feel isolated and disconnected from their roots. We are here to help you find your footing. The Indigenous Peoples Institute (IPI) creates educational avenues and offers guidance for Native American and Indigenous students like you by forging community on campus. We also partner with tribal communities, educational institutions, and community organizations to benefit both you and the university community as a whole.

Our work with you includes:

  • One-on-one mentorships with SU alumni, faculty and staff, as well as community members beyond the campus
  • Quarterly opportunities to meet with Native American and Indigenous Peoples artists, writers, scholars, and elders
  • Programs that address strategies for college success

Research Resources

To ensure access to a wide range of information, the Lemieux Library and the Indigenous Peoples Institute co-created an Indigenous Peoples library guide. Please note that some resources are only available to Seattle University students. 

Seattle University ethnobotanical garden

dᶻixᵂ dxᵂɁugᵂusaϮ tiɁǝɁ swatixᵂtǝd (The Earth is our First Teacher)

We invite you to come walk among the Salmonberry, Camas, Western Red Cedar, Salal, Indian Plum and Oregon Grape.  These plants have all grown on this land for hundreds of years and are featured in our serene taqᵂšǝblu Vi Hilbert Ethnobotanical Garden. Designed to explore, our garden highlights the cultural significance of a vast array of native plants and speaks to the environmental stewardship of the Coast Salish people.

Our garden not only has deep cultural ties, but strong family ties as well. It is named in honor of taqᵂšǝblu Vi Hilbert (1918-2008), a preeminent Lushootseed teacher, scholar and storyteller and grandmother to the Indigenous Peoples Institute’s Senior Director Jill La Pointe.

indigenous student association image

Creating Community

Community is our focus at the IPI, and the Indigenous Student Association (ISA) is a fundamental piece of our community. At the ISA, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and respect for Native American and Indigenous Peoples within the Seattle University community and its academic partners.

We're here to create a welcoming space and supportive network for you as a member of the Indigenous Student Association, ensuring you feel at home and supported throughout your time at Seattle University Find out more at ISA’s ConnectSU page. 

student photo in gallery

A Global Perspective

Native American and Indigenous wisdom links us all across this vast the planet, shaping our global perspective. At IPI, we embrace this outlook in everything we do, weaving it into the fabric of our work. Through cultural exchanges, we broaden all of our understandings of diverse worldviews. We collaborate on global challenges, recognizing compassion as a universal principle. Caring for all beings and fostering empathy is of global importance. This spirit of compassion guides our interactions with you, our peers, and our community partners.

Alumni awards dinner

Bringing Us Together

Events are a powerful source of connection. They offer us a time for communion, a time to celebrate and a time to learn. At the Indigenous Peoples Institute we are reinvigorating several of our events to deepen community ties, provide education and inspire joy. We hope you will join us for many of these events.

vi hilbert ribbon cutting

Your Resources

Community extends beyond the Seattle University campus. We’ve collected resources that will help you discover Native American and Indigenous Peoples resources throughout Seattle, including: 

  • Local Indigenous Resources and Spaces
  • Land Acknowledgement Resources
  • Educator Resources
  • Research Resources (Indigenous Peoples Library Guide) 

Honoring Earth Day

“We belong to the earth; it does not belong to us.” Celebrate and honor Earth Day every day with a blessing from Indigenous Peoples Institute Senior Director Jill K. La Pointe.

School of Law Collaboration

We collaborate on special events with Seattle University’s Center for Indian Law and Policy program, offering expertise, support, and fostering connection. Native American and Indigenous students at the Law School are always encouraged to access the resources provided by IPI.

Support Native American and Indigenous Peoples Students

Through your gift, you can help us create a sense of belonging for Indigenous Peoples Institute students and provide them with essential resources and opportunities for success.

Educator Resources

We provide educators with Native American and Indigenous Peoples educational materials. Click belowto find resource information.

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We will soon be publishing a quarterly newsletter that celebrates our students and speaks to issues of importance to the Native American and Indigenous Peoples communities.

hear from our students


"The IPI faculty and staff are very welcoming, inclusive, and a great resource on campus. IPI has allowed me to learn about tribes in different regions and inspire me to discover more about my Native culture."

wichita & Caddo tribes

Faculty and Staff

Our staff is dedicated to providing a personal space to connect and a network of resources for Native American and Indigenous students to help them succeed at Seattle University.

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