Graduate Admissions Staff: Domestic

Photo of Janet Shandley (she/her)

Janet Shandley (she/her)

Director of Graduate Admissions

Phone: 206-296-5904

Photo of Troy Sterk (he/him)

Troy Sterk (he/him)

Senior Graduate Admissions Counselor
College of Education, College of Nursing, College of Science and Engineering

Phone: 206-296-5998

Photo of Ashley Miller (she/her)

Ashley Miller (she/her)

Senior Admissions Counselor
College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education

Phone: (206) 296-5774

Photo of Christine Campbell (she/her)

Christine Campbell (she/her)

Senior Admissions Counselor
Online Clinical Mental Health Program
Online School Counseling Program
Online Criminal Justice Program
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program
School Counseling Program

Phone: 206-278-5533