Graduate Admissions Staff: Domestic

Photo of Janet Shandley (she/her)

Janet Shandley (she/her)

Director of Graduate Admissions

Phone: 206-296-5904

Photo of Troy Sterk (he/him)

Troy Sterk (he/him)

Senior Graduate Admissions Counselor

College of Science and Engineering all programs (Domestic)

Phone: 206-296-5998

Photo of Ashley Miller (she/her)

Ashley Miller (she/her)

Senior Admissions Counselor

Educational Administration 
Doctorate in Educational and Organizational Learning and Leadership
Master in Teaching
School Psychology
Student Development Administration
Master of Arts in Psychology
Couples and Family Therapy
Social Work

Phone: (206) 296-5774

Photo of Christine Campbell (she/her)

Christine Campbell (she/her)

Senior Admissions Counselor

Online Clinical Mental Health Program
Online School Counseling Program
Online Criminal Justice Program
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program
School Counseling Program

Phone: 206-296-5530

Photo of Elise Dibble (she/her)

Elise Dibble (she/her)

Graduate Admissions Counselor

Arts Leadership
Criminal Justice
Nonprofit Leadership
Public Administration
Nursing Liaison (all programs)
Albers Liaison (all programs)

Phone: (206) 220-8509