Online Application Tutorial

  1. Create a profile
  2. Create an Application
  3. Application, Required Form/s and Supplemental Documents
  4. Verify Your Application
  5. Application Fee and Submission

Step One: Create your user profile

In order to access the application system, you will need to create a user profile and validate your email with the system. This is the same process used on many websites, so you have probably done something like this before. To begin, click here to visit the SU Application System login screen.

Application Sign In

The screen will initially ask you to login. If you already have an account, you may do so. If not, click the "Please Register" link to create your user profile. This will allow you to complete sections of the applications as you are ready and not necessarily all in one session.

Registration Step 1

Once you have filled in all of the information requested on the registration screen, you will be asked to supply a password. Be sure to choose a password that is secure, and do not share your password or user account with anyone else.

Please note that you will be asked "What kind of student are you?" What you choose here does not impact the applications you may submit later on, so make a choice that generally fits with your status as you understand it, and you will be able to adjust your choices as you work through your application.

Application Registration

After you have created a password, the system will send you an email with a link to validate your user profile. You cannot move on in the process until you have received this email. If you do not receive this email in no more than 5 minutes, be sure to check your spam or junk mail folders. You may wish to add the following emails to your email's whitelist (or, contact list) so they are not blocked by spam filters:,,

Step Two: Create an application

Now that you have a validated user profile, you should find yourself logged in to the "home" area of the SU Applications System:

Application Welcome

Click the "Create New Application" link in the right sidebar to begin a new application. (If you have already created an application, you should see that application listed in the right sidebar below "My Activity". Click the link to continue working on that application.)

When you create a new application, you will first select your desired program. You are asked, "What type of student are you?" This question is meant to determine your "academic level."  Please choose Graduate (degree-seeking), Graduate Non-Matriculated (non-degree-seeking), or Graduate Readmission.  If you are unsure of the appropriate option, please contact Graduate Admissions for assistance.  The decision you make here will determine the choices available for the subsequent questions. If you do not see the program/certificate you want on the subsequent screen among the different options, try changing the choice you have made here.

New Application

Step Three: Fill in your application and required form/s and upload all required supplemental documents:

If you have created a new application, or if you have clicked on the "Not Completed Yet" link to continue work on an existing application, you will land on the Application’s home page:

 Application Instruction and Procedures

This screen shows you information about the specific program to help you complete the application. These details include information about required documents, restrictions and requirements for acceptance, and any contact information or addresses you need to send transcripts or other related documents. 

In the right sidebar, notice the list of sections in the application for that program. You may click into any section at any time to work on it with the exception of the Application Fee and Verification page which are completed last.  When you click in to a section (for example, the "Personal Information"), you will see an editing form like this:

Application Personal Info

Once you complete editing the section and click “Save changes,” you will see a confirmation page like this with a green check next to the section:

Application Personal Info

From there, you may click into another section to continue filling in the application. Repeat the process of clicking into each section, finishing the required information, then submitting that information until your application is complete. Most graduate programs and certificates at SU, especially within different schools and colleges, have different application requirements. Be sure to pay close attention to the sections listed in the right sidebar of the application interface so you don't miss any requirements.

Most graduate programs and certificates require supplemental documents to be uploaded and/or supplemental forms to be completed.  Click into the section (for example, the “Resume” section) and you will be asked to upload a PDF or Word document.  When you have chosen the correct file click “Save changes.”

Application Resume

If the application will not accept your document and you have used an acceptable file type and size, please contact Graduate Admissions at

You will have the option to Edit or Delete the document you’ve uploaded after you’ve clicked “Save changes.”  However, after application submission, you will not be allowed to Edit or Delete the file.  If you would like to submit a new or updated document after application submission, please email it to

Any application with a required Essay/s will describe the requirements when you click on the section.  After uploading your document, click “Save changes.”  You will also be given the chance to Edit or Delete your document and begin again if necessary.

Application Essay

If your intended program requires a Self-Evaluation Form (or any other form with required fields), please complete the entire form and click “Save changes.”

Application Evaluation

Most graduate applications and certificates also require two or three recommendations from an outside source.  Please have your recommenders information ready: full name, email address, title, relationship of recommender to applicant, and the start and end dates of the relationship (please leave the end date blank for ongoing relationships).  It is very important to check beforehand the spelling of each recommender’s email address and that the email address is current.  The recommender should receive an email immediately after you’ve clicked “Save changes” asking them to use a link to complete and submit a recommendation on your behalf for your intended program. 

Use the Nudge function to send another email request for a recommendation before or after application submission.  The Nudge function will not work after the recommender has submitted their form.

Application Recommendations

All graduate applications allow personal/miscellaneous documents to be uploaded to an Additional Upload section.  Please be advised that uploaded transcripts, degree certificates, agency evaluations of university documents, and exam results etc. are not considered official and will not be used to complete an application file.

Application Additional Upload

Application Recommendation

Step Four: Verify your application (electronic signature):

Once you have completed all of the required sections in an application, you will be required to complete the "Verification" section before you can submit the application. This section acts as your "signature" for the application, affirming that you have filled it in honestly and completely. You will see a form that looks like this:

Application Verification

Also at this stage of the application you will see the “Admissions Requirements” section.  You may click the conversation bubbles to view an explanation of each requirement.  The check marks may or may not be green at the time of application submission.  The documents listed in this section do not need to be received in order to submit the application.  At any time during your work on the application, but especially prior to submission, you may use the “Review/Print” function to check your work and save and/or print a copy of your application. 

Step Five: Application Fee and application submission:

PayPal is used for application fee payments. A payment confirmation email will be sent to you once the fee has cleared PayPal.   Fee waivers are always granted to SU alumnus/alumna and SU faculty/staff.  After a waiver is requested please wait for an email with a waiver ‘decision’ (usually within 24 hours after request).  After receiving either a payment confirmation email or an email confirming a fee waiver, please return to the application and click “Submit Application.” 

**Please be aware that you may submit the application before documents from outside sources are submitted, for example, recommendations, official exam scores, official transcripts, etc.**

Applicxation Fee