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As Seattle University’s premier giving society, the President’s Club recognizes donors making leadership-level contributions to the university. In appreciation for their support, members are granted deeper engagement with the university and the distinction of the Loyola crest.

The Loyola family crest, featuring two wolves eating from a hanging pot, is a Jesuit symbol for uncommon generosity. At Seattle University, this symbol represents the President’s Club, our most generous donors committed to ensuring each student receives a rigorous and personal education.

Membership qualification is based on cumulative cash giving of $1,000* or more to any combination of campus funds during a rolling 12-month calendar year. Corporate matching gifts may also be counted toward your total.

*Alumni from the nine most recent graduating classes may take advantage of a reduced rate. Please see below for details.

Benefits Of Membership

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  • A one-year campus parking pass, allowing free parking up to 2x week. Due to IRS regulations, current SU faculty, staff and students and their spouses are not eligible for this benefit.
  • Invitation to selected campus and regional events, including the annual President’s State of the University and Wine Tasting.
  • A special biannual e-newsletter featuring impact stories and university insights.
  • Borrowing privileges at the innovative A.A. Lemieux Library.

Important Changes Regarding The President's Club Parking Pass

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If you have previously received a parking pass as a President’s Club member, please read the important changes regarding the parking pass.  In order to comply with SU parking policies, we have switched from a window decal to a hang tag. Please place the hang tag on the rear view mirror of your vehicle when parking in SU parking lots. Another change is that parking passes are now being issued on a rolling basis, and are opt-in. In the future, when a qualifying gift is made, you will receive a letter in the mail asking you if you wish to receive a parking pass.

Once you have contacted the office of Annual Giving, we will send you a pass that is valid for one year. We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause, and welcome you to call us at 206-296-6301 if we can help or clarify any questions you might have and thank you for your continued support of Seattle University.

Recent Graduates Program

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Alumni from Seattle University’s nine most recent classes (including undergraduate, graduate and certificate programs) qualify for pro-rated membership levels based on their graduation year. As a recent graduate, you can access all of the President’s Club benefits at a fraction of the rate.

Recent graduate cumulative giving levels:

Class of 2018 - $100
Class of 2017 - $200
Class of 2016 - $300
Class of 2015 - $400
Class of 2014 - $500
Class of 2013 - $600
Class of 2012 - $700
Class of 2011 - $800
Class of 2010 - $900

President’s Club members play a direct role in our success. All across campus, they support the unique opportunities that shape Seattle University students into the purposeful leaders of tomorrow. Empower leaders for a just and humane world. Join today. To learn more, please contact the Office of Annual Giving at 206-296-6301 or