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Center for Social Transformation and Leadership

Empowering Leaders, Transforming Communities: Igniting Change through Engaged Scholarship and Leadership Development

About the Center

Seattle University's Center for Social Transformation and Leadership (CSTL) is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through dynamic, transformative experiences rooted in global connections and creative pursuits. CSTL serves as a hub for engaged scholarship and community-based research focusing on issues of concern to Seattle and PNW communities. 

Grounded in the mission of Seattle University as a Jesuit and Catholic institution, CSTL seeks to inspire and equip students, faculty, staff, alumni, and external participants to become catalysts for positive change locally, nationally, and globally. 

At CSTL, we strive to: 

  1. Foster robust community engagement, amplifying the university's commitment to being an engaged Jesuit and Catholic institution. Through partnerships with organizations and change efforts, we seek to cultivate thriving communities that are empowered to address pressing social challenges. 
  2. Catalyze substantial scholarship and research that advances understanding and addresses complex social issues through interdisciplinary collaboration and rigorous inquiry. We aim to generate knowledge that informs policy and practice, ultimately contributing to positive social change and the promotion of human dignity and the common good. 
  3. Increase community capacity and enhance leadership preparation by providing innovative educational programs and resources rooted in equity and social justice. We believe in equipping individuals with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to lead ethically and effectively in a diverse and interconnected world, guided by principles of social responsibility and solidarity.  
  4. Expand our collective potential as leaders to build a sustainable, inclusive, and interconnected global community by nurturing a culture of collaboration, empathy, and innovation.  We strive to empower individuals to take meaningful action towards a more just and equitable society, reflecting the inherent worth and dignity of all people. 
  5. Through these efforts, CSTL is committed to advancing the values of social justice, equity, and compassion in accordance with the strategic vision and mission of Seattle University, and to shaping a future where all individuals and communities can thrive. 

Advisory Board

2023-2024 Center for Social Transformation and Leadership Advisory Board

Shomari Jones 
Director, Equity and Graduation Success, Bellevue School District 

Kristi Lee 
Research Affiliate, Seattle University 

Carlos Luis Obando 
Managing Member, Mercer Island Telecom, LLC 

Myung L. Park, Ed.D 
Executive Director of International Education, Pierce College District 
Seattle University EDLR/EOLL Alumni 

Nicole Franklin 
Chief Pro-Equity and Anti-Racism Officer, Enhanced Interaction, LLC 

Christina Roberts 
Associate Professor, English 
Director, Indigenous Peoples Institute, Seattle University 

Nekya Johnson 
Community Member and Entrepreneur 

Obed Kabanda 
Director of Government/Multilateral Partnerships, Global Fund for Women 
Seattle University EDLR/EOLL Alumni 

Debra Webb, MFA 
Adjunct Faculty, Arts Leadership, Seattle University 
Founder/Director, Future Arts 

Seattle University’s Center of Social Transformation and Leadership Advisory Board provides its members with a unique opportunity to: 

  • Contribute to the success of the Center and Seattle University’s College of Education
  • Make a positive impact on education
  • Serve your community
  • Expand your network and meet people with similar interests 

The primary purpose of the CSTL Advisory Board is to keep track of the big picture of the Center, address issues of concern, and develop strategies to address these concerns. It is essential to promote voice at the community level and provide a setting for its constituencies' interests to be addressed. As the Center builds its strategic outreach, it will develop and seek grants from a broad constituency and work to benefit all who desire to lead social transformation and make community impact, regardless of their location or calling. 

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