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Daisy S. Garcia, PhD, RN

Assistant Clinical Professor



My journey to join the Seattle University College of Nursing’s faculty team on 2011 began in my home country of Bolivia, where I worked in various health field settings, from remote rural community clinics to specialized hospitals and higher educational institutions for about 11 years. I moved to the Unites States equipped with three nursing specialties, Nursing Pediatrics and Puericulture (Paulista School of Medicine in Săo Paulo, Brazil), Management of Hospitals (La Plata, Argentina), and in Higher Education (Major University of Saint Andres, La Paz, Bolivia).

After completing my master’s program centered in Community-based Leadership at Idaho State University, I taught nursing at Boise State University, where I also acted as the grant coordinator for the Partnership for Hispanic Health Project. This project allowed me to work with diverse populations that enhanced my professional performance at the Central District Health Department in Boise as a public health and community nurse. Later, teaching students from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds at Seattle Central College lead me to pursue knowledge in global nursing education, which motivated me to embark and complete my terminal education at the University of Washington. While I continue to enjoy teaching clinical courses at SU College of Nursing associated with community and reproductive health in diverse populations, my current scholarly work focuses on nursing education and evidence-based practice in South America. My interest is to support educators in developing countries such as Bolivia, so they can participate in the nursing education scientific dialogue internationally. 

Areas of Interest

Community and public health nursing, women’s health, evidence-based practice, and global nursing education.

Research Projects

Exploring Bolivian nurses readiness to engage in evidence-based practice. Bolivian nurses and nursing educators are part of the project implementation.