UCOR-2500 : Philosophy of the Human Person

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  • LSAP Goal 6 Ecological Spirituality
  • LSAP Goal 7 Community Resilience and Empowerment

About this Course

This course Introductionduces students to the methods of rigorous philosophical reasoning; Introductionduces students to the philosophical questions, methods, and figures that have played key roles in shaping the Jesuit approach to education and scholarship; and teaches students to critically examine assumptions about reality (especially assumptions about our natures as human beings). Each section explores two or more of the following fundamental philosophical questions: the problem of human knowing, the mind/body problem, the problem of personal identity, the problem of freedom and determinism, and the problem of other persons. This course also aims to develop critical reflective skills to prepare students for more in-depth study in ethics (in the subsequent Ethical Reasoning course), improve critical thinking and writing skills, and enhance students' appreciation for complexity and ambiguity.