Shine Awards Banner Image

The Career Engagement Office (CEO) is excited to announce the inaugural Shine Awards: Championing Professional Formation. 

The awards are designed to recognize Seattle University students, supervisors, mentors, departments, and employer partner organizations who have dedicated efforts toward supporting the career development of students by consistently empowering them to seek meaningful experiential opportunities for work, service, and/or advanced studies with confidence, courage, and curiosity; all the while fostering practices of identity representation, equity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace. 

The awards recognize inclusive excellence in professional formation in the following categories: Student, Mentor, Supervisor, Academics and External Organization.

Student Award

Students champion a myriad of underserved intersectional identities that have irreplaceable value in our community and in the future workforce.  It honors how they bring their whole selves to work through their intersectional experience (e.g. Race, gender, economic background, religion, immigration status, family acceptance, etc.) Nominees have exemplified how their intersecting identities shape their professional experiences (e.g. jobs, internships, on-campus employment, student club leadership, or community activities and involvement); and demonstrate how these experiences have or will impact their work in a future career, organization or their community.

Mentor | Supervisor | Academics | Department | External Organization Awards

Awards recognize individuals, academics, departments, and organizations which go above and beyond in encouraging the career exploration and readiness of all students. This category also recognizes nominees that exemplify the mission and values of Seattle University's professional formation. The nominees who receive this award are honored as leaders in the field in championing Access, Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in career education.


The Shine Awards aim to affirm that professional formation has always been centered in existing leadership & programming in one or more of the following ways:  

  • Providing meaningful experiential learning and work opportunities for students.
  • Advising students in discovering and pursuing opportunities to gain experience
  • Supporting students in making informed decisions aligned with their values, goals, and interests
  • Helping students articulate their career competencies and career options
  • Modeling innovative and progressive practices that support equity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace
  • Displaying responsiveness, availability, concern, respect concerning a student’s experience toward professional formation
  • Maintaining and advocating for policies that support and advance representation in careers and the workplace
  • Connecting students with networks and resources