Counseling and Psychological Services


Making an Appointment

Appointments can be made by phone or in person. Call 206.296.6090 or stop by our office during normal business hours. Appointments are scheduled as soon as possible depending on staff availability and the flexibility of your schedule. (See Eligibility and Policies)

Appointment Scheduling

Each student requesting services at CAPS will be scheduled for an initial assessment (45-50 minutes) as soon as an appointment is available. The purpose of this assessment, conducted by a member of our professional staff, is to obtain basic information about you, your background and your reasons for seeking services so that we may better serve you.

Following the initial appointment, you will be advised of the services available to you at CAPS as well as other resources available on and off campus. If short-term therapy at CAPS is appropriate, you will be scheduled to meet with a psychologist or therapist. Enrolled students are eligible for the type and amount of services appropriate to their needs. Appointments are scheduled as soon as possible, depending on the flexibility of your schedule and the availability of staff.

If you are experiencing a crisis or urgent problem, please inform us so that we may help you obtain prompt assistance.

Please note that you cannot make an appointment for another person. All appointments must be made by the person seeking services. CAPS provides consultation to concerned parents, faculty, staff and other students. We can help you determine whether and how to best act on your concerns, including how to refer the student to CAPS.

Delivery of Clinical Service

Our approach emphasizes your active participation in determining the course of therapy, establishing and evaluating goals for your work in therapy and assessing results. Experience shows that therapy outcomes are enhanced when clients take an active part in the discussion.

You or your therapist may decide that CAPS' clinical services are not, or are no longer, appropriate to your needs. In such cases, we will offer you referrals to appropriate resources.

Office Hours


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Appointment Hours
Monday - Friday
8am - Noon and 1 - 4:30pm

Urgent hours
Monday - Friday
10am (arrive by10:15am)
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Phone: 206.296.6090
Fax: 206.296.6096