Economics Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for the Department of Economics consists of local economists and professionals in related fields.

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An Alliance of Sectors Enhancing Economics Education

The Economics Department works with an advisory board that consists of local economists from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. Our work with these experts indirectly enhances a student's experience. Feedback from the advisory board has inspired our faculty to create assignments that help students develop the skills most valued by employers.

Richard Dadzie
US Department of Labor - OFCCP

Adam Domanski
Principal Economist
Enduring Econometrics

Diana Grusczynski
Aluna Development Associates

Mark Liffman

Elizabeth Morrison
Finance Manager
Port of Seattle

Vince O'Neill
Economist and Senior Data Scientist

Janet Phelps

Dr. Leola Ross
Deputy Chief Investment Officer
Seattle City Employees Retirement System

Claus Pörtner
Faculty, Economics Department
Seattle University