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You can take Philosophy as a major, an honors degree, a minor, a double-major, or with a minor in another subject. What works best for you?


The Philosophy Minor Program is designed to reinforce a student's major area of study, to complement the acquisition of professional skills, and to broaden intellectual horizons. Many students develop an appreciation for philosophical thinking in their Core courses and wish to bring the depth and rigor of philosophical questioning to their other areas of academic interest. The Minor Program allows this dimension of their work to be represented in their undergraduate degree.

Value A minor in philosophy reinforces a major academic field of study by bringing fundamental questions and broad perspectives to bear upon that field. Philosophy students develop the ability to critique the problems and presuppositions that are at the heart of other areas of study. Philosophy provides ways of raising questions of ethics and values that bring an insightfulness to both scholarship and professional development. Students who are seeking careers that require creative and critical thinking, persuasive and precise writing, and the ability to formulate and critique complex arguments find these skills at work in the study of philosophy. The addition of a Philosophy minor distinguishes our students as graduates of a Jesuit Catholic university.

Flexibility Once you complete UCOR 2500 and UCOR 2900 (or 2910 or 2920), you can choose any four 5-credit Philosophy electives to complete the minor.  Students who have completed the University Honors Program typically need only an additional 14 Philosophy elective credits for the minor. For information regarding the Minor, please contact the Department Chair or Administrative Assistant.