Advanced Standing

Admission Requirements 

  • Completed BSW/BASW degree from a baccalaureate social work program accredited by CSWE, recognized through the International Social Work Degree Recognition and Evaluating Service, or covered under a memorandum of understanding with international social work. 
  • GPA of 3.0 (B) or higher in each required course for the applicant's BSW/BASW degree.
  • A copy of the final senior field evaluation from the applicant's BSW/BASW program.
  • Criminal Background Check/Criminal Offender Record Information (Although this is not part of the application process, applicants who are offered admission will receive instructions to complete the background check before field placement). 

Admission Materials

  • Online Application 
  • Admission Essays: Part 1 and Part 2 
  • Case Study 
  • Resume
  • Three Professional or Academic Recommendations (one must be from a BSW program the applicant attended-preferably Field Advisor or Field Supervisor). 
  • Senior Final Field Evaluation
    • Current BSW seniors may submit a current Field Evaluation at the time of application. The Final Field Evaluation must be submitted upon graduation.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate (if any) Official Transcripts
    • Submit electronically or mail directly to Graduate Admissions
      • Seattle University
        Office of Graduate Admissions
        901 12th Avenue
        P.O.Box 222000
        Seattle, WA 98122-1090
  • Academic Preparation Form
  • English Language Proficiency Test (if applicable) 
  • Application Fee ($55)

Advanced Standing Curriculum

The Advanced Standing summer intersession starts with the history of social welfare as an anchor to examine social problems and society’s attempts to address them. In addition, the Social Justice course examines different theories of justice and structural inequality and helps students articulate a personal-professional stance toward social work practice for social justice. Lastly, the Advanced Field Practicum Seminar course assists new students in transitioning into their fall quarter. From Fall Quarter, Advanced Standing students join the Specialized Practice curriculum and take the same second-year courses as the 2-Year MSW students. 

Required Courses

  • Advanced Field Practicum Seminar
  • Social Work and Social Justice: Ethical Professional Formation
  • Social Work Foundations-Policy: History and Justice
  • Advanced Practice I: Clinical Social Work with Individuals
  • Advanced Practice II: Clinical Social Work with Families
  • Advanced Practice III: Clinical Social Work with Groups
  • Advanced Social Welfare Policy: Practice for Advocacy
  • Advanced Clinical Assessment for Treatment: Mental Health Disorders
  • Advanced Field Practicum I, II, III

Electives: Students choose from a variety of course offerings for two electives (6 credits).