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Latin American Studies Program

The Latin American Studies Program (LASP) has been successfully led by our faculty since 1990 and more than 500 students have seen their lives transformed through this experience. Being a part of LASP means to cross the border to go meet your neighbor and establish meaningful personal and intellectual connections with their people and culture.

Classes will be held at the Universidad Iberoamericana, the Golfo-Centro Campus, a prestigious sister Jesuit university of about 5,000 students in Southwestern Puebla, where you as an SU student will attend classes conducted in Spanish for three hours daily. Apart from classes, an educational excursion to Mexico City is scheduled during winter quarter, and a required major one-week field trip as part of the course entitled SPAN 3500-Latin American History, Politics and Societies, is scheduled at the end of Spring quarter. Students are housed with Mexican families, bringing them especially close to the culture of the host country. The program requires at least one year of college-level Spanish prior to participation.

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LASP Information Packet

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The Latin American Studies Program will follow the regular Seattle University Winter and Spring Quarter schedules. Students are advised to arrive in Puebla at least 2 days before classes start. Students can earn credits toward a major or minor in Spanish, a minor in Latin American Studies, or a major in International Studies. During the spring quarter of LASP, credits can also be earned for UCOR 3400 and 3600.