Sean H. McDowell, PhD

Sean McDowell, PhD

PhD, English Literature

Director, University Honors Program
Associate Professor, English, Film Studies

Phone: 206.296.5306

Building/Room: Casey 230-02

Teaching and Research Interests

Interests: Renaissance Literature and Culture (especially Shakespeare, the Metaphysical Poets Milton), Irish literature, Chinese poetry, creative writing, comparative arts studies, intertextuality, historical phenomenology, object studies, Archipelagic studies, and poetry
Current and Recent Courses: Renaissance and Reformation Literature, Writers in the Public Sphere, The Writers’ Workshop in Ireland, Shakespeare, Donne and His Critics, The Renaissance Lyric, Milton Seminar, Writing Fiction, Advanced Fiction, Science Fiction Films
Film Courses: Scifi Film Genre, Great Directors: Stephen Spielberg, Screenwriting, Script Analysis


BA (English), BJ (Journalism)
MA (English Literature)
Ph.D. (English Literature)